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Get rid of boring closet doors

If your bedroom lacks interest, we'll show you how easy it is to transform boring closet doors to add interest and texture with a few quick and easy makeover options, and they won't cost a fortune.


Many homes are fitted with closet doors that are big slabs of wood or board, generally painted white or varnished, that offer absolutely nothing as far as interest is concerned.

I am in the process of looking at various options for renovating my small dressing room - or walk-through area with a couple of built-in cupboards - and have come across some great ideas for giving closet doors a new look.


Sliding closet doors are a space-saving option for a small bedroom, as they allow use of the space normally taken up by door opening and closing. But even sliding doors can be unattractive. Here's how to make your own bi-fold closet doors with shop-bought timber and hardware.









With the basic design for the bi-fold closet doors, you can add your own materials to build closet doors that blend in with the style of your bedroom. Whilst more expensive than other options, perspex allows you to be creative with closet doors. You can buy perspex in a wide range of colour options, in both solid and opaque perspex.


To modify or replace existing closet doors, there are various hanging options that you can consider. Hanging, sliding doors are easy to fit as do-it-yourself. If you battle to find this at your local Builders Warehouse.


Adding mirrors to closet doors


Mirrors can transform closet doors instantly. They reflect what little light there is in a room to brighten up the space. Mirrors on closet doors also visually enlarge the size of the room. And who gets dressed without a mirror!

If you are thinking of adding mirrors to your closet doors, only use mirrors that are at least 5mm thick for safety and security, and be sure to mount then properly. Mirror brackets can be secured at the corners to hold mirrors to the front of the door. If you want mirrors to be mounted without any visible fasteners, then use an adhesive specifically formulated for use on mirrors. If you don't, you could find that the silvering on the back of the mirror will be eaten away.







Small mirrors have been glued onto the front of the closet door and then a detailed trim glued around the outside. Quite effective!

Painting closet doors

If you don't want to go to the expense of replacing existing closet doors, there are other ways to give doors a makeover.


Painted Princess

What little princess wouldn't love these painted doors in her bedroom - and oh so easy to do. The detail at the top and bottom of the doors can be cut out of 6 or 9mm SupaWood [MDF] with a jigsaw and then glued onto the door - available at your local Builders Warehouse and cut to the size you require. Use curtain wire and eye hooks to hang gingham curtains onto the front of the doors. Drawer pulls add a realistic touch to painted drawers.


If you use a washable paint, such as Prominent Paints acrylic satin or sheen, cleaning is easy. Lightly sand the doors with 180-grit sandpaper and then apply the base coat with a foam roller. Use an artist's paintbrush for any detailed areas.







More decorating options for closet doors


Wallpaper strips are applied to the front of the doors with spray adhesive and then two coats of  clear acrylic sealer is applied to provide a washable finish.