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How to make folding closet doors

If you're looking to add more interest to a bedroom, replacing those old closet doors is one place to start.


folding sliding closet door

Making your own unique closet doors is easy with shop-bought timber and hardware.

Select the pine sections that you need for the size of your closet and have all your timber sections cut to size at your local Builders Warehouse. You will also need hardware to install your project, such as hinges, handles and sliding tracks - if your closet doesn't already have these fitted.

In this project Instructables show you how to make folding Shoji screen closet doors, and you can replace the screen material with fabric, glass or perspex to fit in with your bedroom style.






1. Measure up from side to side and top to bottom. Your measurements need to be exact so "measure twice and cut once." Bear in mind that you need to allow a few millimetres for the hinges between each panel, or your doors won't open properly.

2. Before assembly, measure up and cut out notches for the vertical and horizontal slats, which will then be flued in place. You can use a Dremel Trio or a sharp wood chisel to cut notches.

3. Now you are ready to join everything together. To ensure the joined panels are sturdy you will use dowel joints to fasten all the larger sections together. For dowel joints you will need 8mm dowels, dowel centres and an 8mm drill bit.

4. Once assembled, paint the frames before adding hinges or hardware. I prefer to use Rust-Oleum 2X spray paint for this type of project. It's far easier to ensure that all the parts get painted. Take the project outside, put down some newspaper or a drop cloth and spray on two light, even coats and then allow to dry.

5. Fit the hinges and add the screen fabric or material you will be using. For fabric or other material, this can be stapled to the top and bottom of the frame. For glass or perspex, use corner brackets to mount onto the frame.

6. To mount the doors you will need a sliding track for top mounting and bi-fold door hangers. If you battle to find this at your local Builders Warehouse, you can also try WCF, Gelmar or Hillaldam.