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Brilliant DIY Idea for a Bed Headboard

Every so often, a brilliant design concept comes around that makes DIY easier, and this is the case with this headboard.



Don't you just love it when a concept design comes to life with the opportunity for DIY enthusiasts to make it themselves? A good example of this is the slatted headboard shown in this feature. The clever design lets you customise the headboard for shelves where you need it most, plus you can add even more shelves if you need more storage at the side of the bed.


Part of a complete renovation by Inside Architects, the headboard is mounted in the main bedroom in this home and was designed to be in line with the decor for the apartment as a whole. The client's brief requested a minimal layout filled with textural elements to give the rooms warmth and character. The headboard follows a linear design that planks and slats space equally across the entire headboard.








The gaps between the slats are set at the perfect width to be able to pop in shelves for all your storage requirements. The shelves are not only easy to position, they can be moved around to any location on the headboard. You can use the shelves for bedside lighting, books, alarms and other bedside essentials.

Using this type of design allows freedom for multiple storage that can be positioned at the perfect height for either side of the bed. The trick to replicating this design successfully is the depth of the slats. The deeper the slat, the longer or wider the shelf it will be able to support.







What are you waiting for? You will find a wide variety of PAR pine options at your local Builders store, and you can choose the best to fit in with your budget. Let the guys at Builders cut everything to size for you, so that assembly will be a breeze.








What is PAR pine?

When doing our DIY-Divas workshop, we always get asked what PAR pine means. Well, the PAR part stands for 'planed all round'. This indicates that the piece or plank has been planed to an [almost] exact measurment so that you don't have to buy a planer to trim the pine yourself.





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