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Copper Pipe Clothes Rail

Looking for an extra place to hang your clothes? Or perhaps you don't even have hanging space. This stylish copper clothes rail is super quick and easy to make and looks good too!


You will find all the supplies needed for this project at your local Builders Warehouse or plumbers supply store.









22mm diameter copper pipe cut to the following lengths:

- 1 of 250mm length

- 3 of 100mm length

4 copper elbows | 2 copper 'T' fittings, | 2 copper end caps

Acetone or metal polish

Gloves and safety glasses

Rags or old towel

Epoxy or copper adhesive

Quick clamps

Marker pen


Jigsaw plus steel blade or multifunction tool

240-grit sandpaper













1. Measure and mark the pieces required and then cut to length with a jigsaw and steel cutting blade or multifunction cutter. DO clamp the pipe to your workbench and wear the appropriate safety gear.


2. Clean the cut lengths of pipe with metal polish or acetone. Polish until you bring out the natural shimmer and shine of the copper pipe.


3. Use adhesive to secure all the individual components together, starting with the elbows...









GOOD TO KNOW: Work quickly when joining the sections together as the adhesive dries fast. Have a rag on hand to wipe off any excess adhesive that oozes out of the joins.


... and ending with the 'T' fittings to complete the assembly. Now you can place the clothes hanger where you need it and hang up your clothes.



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