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Make a 3-panel folding screen

I’ve always wanted a folding screen, but could never find one at the right price and with the right look.




So I decided to make one using some 12mm Supawood, and was surprised at just how easy it was. This idea is great if you want a touch of glamour in the bedroom!


[4] 12mm thick x 1800mm x 500mm supawood

[9] hinges and screws (make sure the screws are shorter than the width of the supawood)

Prominent Ultramatt and Sheen - white

Foam paint roller and tray


Drill/Driver with asstd drill and screw bits










1. Using the foam roller, paint one side (and the edges) of your panels with two coats of Prominent Ultramatt, allowing each to dry before applying the next coat. Wash the roller out well.

2. Use masking tape to position the stencil on the screen and paint over with Prominent Sheen. Leave this to dry completely.







3. On the floor, line up the two centre panels of your screen. Decide where you want the hinges to go (one in the centre, one at the top and one at the bottom). Place the hinges on the join between the panels, and mark the position of the hinge holes with a pencil. Make sure the hinge edges are absolutely parallel to the edge of the boards so the hinges will open properly.

4. With the drill/driver, drill small pilot holes right in the middle of the pencil marks you’ve made. Put the hinges back in place and drill the screws into the pilot holes. Repeat the hinging process, attaching another panel to each side of the original section. Stand the screen up.


DIY Tips:

When choosing hinges, make sure to get hinges that aren’t too flimsy. We used three hinges per join because the taller the panels are, the more likely they are to warp in the middle.

You may need to buy screws separately, as we found that the ones that came with the hinges were too long.