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Add romance to a bedroom

Hang long curtain panels around your bed to create a romantic and inviting spot to snuggle into!





Mounting hardware
7 ceiling brackets
1 long curtain rod (8 inches wider than your headboard)
4 sets of 7 clip rings
6 finials
4 fabric panels
2 short curtain rods (each half the size of the long rod)











1. Begin by installing the long rod that goes behind your bed, then put up the short rods on either side. Mount the long rod's three brackets on the ceiling about 3cm behind the bed or headboard; position a bracket on either side of the bed, 10cm wider than the headboard, and the third bracket midway between the first two.


2. Slip rod through the first bracket, sliding on half of the clip rings. Repeat for the middle bracket. Once the rod is through the final bracket, screw on finials at the ends. (If you're using tab-top or pole-pocket panels, slide panel onto rod first, then fit rod through brackets.)

3. Attach fabric panels to clip rings, if using. We recommend hanging a solid fabric that is reversible so it looks great from anywhere in the room.


4. The side rods should create a 90-degree angle with the rod over the head of the bed. Allow for about 5cm of space between the finials of the long and side rods, then affix brackets to the ceiling. Slide clip rings onto each rod, slide rods into brackets, and attach fabric panels. During the day, simply push back the side panels or tie them back with a ribbon or silk rope.

DIY Tip:
If you are unable to find ceiling mounted brackets, as your hardware store for chrome towel-mounting brackets. These can easily be sprayed with Rust-Oleum Painter's Touch to match your curtain pole.