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Storage Ideas Around The Headboard

Using the area around the top of the bed for cupboards and shelves allows you to incorporate storage into a bedroom without taking up valuable floor space.

Built-in cupboards around the head of a bed use space that is usually wasted or taken up by small bedside tables that provide very little storage. Floor to ceiling cupboards on either side of the bed, and even over the top of the bed, are just the thing if you need more storage in a cramped bedroom.

You can choose to go the do-it-yourself route and build your own cupboards using MelaWood, Novolam or SupaLam in your choice of laminate finish, or you can hire a contractor that specialises in built-in cupboards. You will find a selection of MelaWood board options at your local Builders.

Download the free version of SketchUp and you will be able to design cupboards and shelves to fit into any space. Plus, you will have all the measurements for materials that you can take along to your local Builders or supplier and have cut to size.

If you prefer a combination of cupboards and open shelves you can choose from a small selection of ready made cabinets at your local Builders or hardware store, or shop online for suppliers that manufacture kitchen cabinets in your region. Top this off with 16mm SupaLam with white laminated finish, or choose unfinished MDF and paint yourself.









Add decorative finishes (as shown above) using extruded polystyrene, MDF or pine trim, crown moulding or cornice to tops and edges.

An easier route for those not familiar with using a variety of power tools is to shop around for small cabinets and drawer units. Incorporate these into an industrial style storage system using galvanised pipe to mount a design that suits your personal requirements.

ABOVE: Open shelves store plenty, but be sure to keep these organised if you don't want a room that looks messy and cluttered.

MelaWood or Novolam comes in a wide variety of finishes; from smooth colours to textured wood grains. If you are unable to find a particular design at your local Builders or hardware store, get in touch with the manufacturer directly to locate a stockist in your area.



BELOW: When designing storage to fit around the head of a bed, choose one that fits in with the style of your home or bedroom.

BELOW: Fitting mirrors to cabinet doors is perfect for a small bedroom that doesn't receive a lot of natural light. The mirrors reflect and bounce light around the room.

ABOVE: A tiny bedroom might not have space for storage to be fitted around the top of the bed, but you can still look at various other storage options. For example: shop for a bed that incorporates underbed storage drawers (shown above), or fit shelves higher up the walls.

ABOVE and BELOW: Headboard or no headboard, a bed framed with cupboards and shelves can be a feature in the bedroom. Wallpaper, paint techniques, and even mosaic tiles, add unique touches.

Here are more ideas for incorporating storage around the head of a bed...