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Make a hanging bedside shelf

How adorable is this hanging bedside shelf. Make using a piece of pine or a circular pine chopping board, some scrap leather or pleather and lighting cable you can easily make a hanging shelf for both sides of the bed. Grab some offcuts and your tools and let's get started.


Pine offcuts or circular pine chopping board
Piece of scrap leather or pleather
Bostik or Alcolin spray adhesive
180-grit sandpaper
Steel lighting wire (at your local Builders in the lighting department)*
4 ferrules for securing the steel wire
Heavy duty hook


Drill / Driver plus drill bit (larger than thickness of steel wire)
Tape measure and pencil

*You will need enough steel lighting wire to cut into two strips, with each strips long enough to hang at a convenient height next to the side of the bed.






1. Cut your pine into a circular shape if you are not using a pine chopping board. Sand the edges with 180-grit sandpaper.

2. Use a tape measure and pencil to determine the centre of the board and mark 4 equally spaced points to drill holes for mounting. Use a wood bit that is slightly larger than the thickness of the steel lighting wire.

3. Cut a piece of leather or pleather to fit the board.

4. Spray one side of the board and one side of the fabric with spray adhesive and leave for 5 minutes. Press the two together firmly, working from the centre outwards to prevent any air bubbles being trapped between the fabric and board.

5. Use a sharp tool (a corkscrew is great) to make a hole in the leather or pleather where the holes are placed.

6. Thread the two lengths of steel lighting wire through the holes in the base.

7. To hang the table you will need to clamp the  ferrules to the ends of the steel lighting wire with pliers.

8. Screw a heavy duty hook into a ceiling beam - it must be mounted into a beam - before hanging the cables onto the hook. 

You can make any adjustments to balance the shelf by moving the shelf itself on the wires.