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Fabric wrapped coat hangers

Just love this idea! With the disappearance of eco-friendly wood and wire coat hangers we now have plastic coat hangers that, while may be practical, are pretty boring. Here's how to dress up plastic coat hangers to make them more attractive.



Fabric off cuts in various patterns
Masking tape or hot glue gun






Cut the fabric into long 2cm wide strips. Leave the edges raw and a little frayed and don't worry about being perfectly straight with these - it won't matter. Start anywhere on the hanger and tape the piece down to get yourself started and then continue wrapping tightly until you run out of fabric.

Tape it down and start up again, always disguising the tape from the previous strip. If you have a hot glue gun, fasten the first edge with a blob of hot glue.

When you get back around to where you started, tie your fabric off in a knot or bow and trim to desired length. You can add a little lace or ribbon to this spot for a little shabby knot or bow if you wish