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Quick Project: Make a Veneer Headboard

The woven headboard gives this bedscape a natural, organic feel. Plan the width and height for your headboard. This will depend on the size of your bed and will determine how long your veneer strips need to be. The design incorporate a frame-within-a-frame design.




Make up the outer frame from the same wood as that selected for the veneer. The inner (hidden) frame can be constructed from pine, so as to keep the actual cost of the project as affordable as possible.










1. Measure and cut strips of veneer in three widths: 50, 80 and 100mm - and two lengths. On the inner pine frame, measure and mark where the strips will be attached.

2. Glue, then staple the shorter strips vertically onto the inner pine frame, leaving 25mm between strips. Position three pine supports vertically at equal intervals across the back of the frame to minimise rippling and stabilise the frame. Weave the longer strips horizontally through the vertical veneer strips, alternating the 50, 80, and 100mm widths. Start each strip through the middle, then push it up or down to the desired placement. Leave 25mm of space between each horizontal strip.

3. With the strips in place and the supports secured to your headboard, position the inner pine frame within the outer (hardwood) frame. Fasten the two together, then coat the entire unit with at least one coat of clear polyurethane.

DIY Tip:
The outer (hardwood) frame is easily constructed using mitred corners joined either by dowels, or using a pocket hole jig.