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Add impact to your bedroom with a headboard

Adding a headboard to your bed not only finishes off the bed, it also adds visual excitement to a bedroom and let's the bed take centre stage and because every bedroom is all about the bed - let your bed shine simply by fitting a headboard that matches the style and look of your bedroom.




This geometric slatted headboard will fit in with a traditional or modern designed bedroom. Finish with wood stain to match to your existing decor, or paint for a more contemporary look.









The easiest way to build this would be to start with the outer frame, but unassembled. Bevel cut the inner pieces to fit within the frame shape before attaching all the pieces together. A pockethole jig would allow for easy joining of all the pieces, but if you cut exact, No more Nails adhesive would hold the sections in place once the frame secured.


This cut-out design headboard with its Moroccan motif definitely creates an impact in the bedroom. The delicate lace-like design works perfectly in a small headboard, as it adds impact to the bed without taking over the space.



Use 16mm SupaWood for the outer frame of the headboard and 9mm SupaWood for the design panel. Simply draw the main design on your computer, print out and use this as a template to transfer the design onto the panel. Use a jigsaw and fret-saw (thin) blade to cut out the pattern.

When choosing or making a headboard for your bedroom, size the height of the headboard in proportion to the size of the room. A headboard that is too wide and too high can easily overpower a small bedroom, so look at proportions when designing the perfect headboard for your bed.


Simple and stylish, this headboard features a cut-out panel at the top. The simple design matches with modern or contemporary styling and you can easily duplicate this design as a do-it-yourself project.



Use 16mm pine plywood or 20mm laminated pine for this project, as both materials can be stained in a variety of wood tints, depending on your choice. Cut out the opening with a jigsaw.









Use 16mm pine plywood or 20mm laminated pine for this project, as both materials can be stained in a variety of wood tints, depending on your choice. The side panels are cut with the grain running vertically, while the centre panel grain runs along the horizontal.


Add interesting pattern to a bedroom with this geometric style headboard. Inspired by architectural ironwork, you can easily re-create this headboard by building the centre elements into a frame.



This design is a frames with a frame design. To make use 20 x 20mm PAR pine lengths to assemble the design sections - similar to the method used here, but on a smaller scale. Assemble the outer frame around the individual designs and attach everything together with dowels.







For simple luxury an upholstered headboard is the perfect accessory for any bedroom. Making your own upholstered headboard is a simple project that requires only minimal skills and once you get started you will realise just how easy it is to make a basic upholstered headboard.

You will find plenty of how to tips on Home-Dzine for making an upholstered headboard, a diamond tufted headboard or a large panel headboard.


Headboards made from reclaimed timber or repurposed wood doors are definitely very trendy, but almost any material can serve as a backdrop to the pillows and bed.



All images via west elm