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Make a headboard using a wooden door

Add vintage charm to a bedroom by fitting a reclaimed wooden door as a headboard. You'll need a wood door that's in reasonably good condition, unless you are looking for a more rustic style.






Take the time to prepare the door before you mount onto the wall. A treatment of Woodoc Wood Restorer will take care of most stains and problem, and then you are ready to lightly sand with 180-grit sandpaper. At this point you can decide whether you want to stain and varnish or paint the headboard.


To mount the headboard onto the wall you can use a French Cleat. This is an easy way to mount heavy items and not have to worry about them falling down. Measure and mark where you want the top of the headboard to be and mount one side of the cleat onto the wall. The other side is mounted onto the back of the door.


Here's what the headboard looks like once the two sections of cleat are mounted together. The part on the back of the door sits on top of the bottom section that is mounted to the wall.


Use nylon wall plugs (Fischer) to mount onto the wall. Nylon wall plugs are much stronger.