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Whitewashed and weathered wood panels

It's interesting to see how many people are using pine planks and reclaimed wood to add a panelled wall. Adding reclaimed wood is an inexpensive and eco-friendly way to dress up a plain room with a little rustic elegance.




This gorgeous panelled nursery wall has been given a whitewashing finish to lighten up the colour of the wood and add an interesting feature.



Using a basic whitewashing method, Olivia at simply mixed one-part paint with two-parts water. You can adjust the ratio depending on how much wood you want to see through the paint. Work only on one plank at a time; brush on the paint and then wipe off the paint - going with the grain - with a clean cloth. I recommend applying Woodoc antique wax to the finished surface to make it easier to keep clean.









Whitewashed wood plank walls add so much character and charm to this adorable nursery. Kyla at decorated a gender-neutral nursery using cedar fencing planks, which we would substitute with PAR pine.



Remember the panel wall for a boy's bedroom made using reclaimed timber? Using a combination of grey-blue and white paint, with a few navy stripes, this boy's bedroom became a cool place to hang. What's nice about adding a wood panel wall is that it acts as soundproofing and warms up a room, making it ideal for rooms on the south-side that don't get a lot of sunlight, and playrooms.


There are plenty more ideas for using PAR pine or reclaimed wood to make a decorative panel wall...

This bedroom has pale blue painted wall panels that contrast with the fresh white furniture, trim and bedding.



Previously featured in our article Beautiful beds for little girls, wall panels don't have to be white.


 So pretty and pink. this adorable bedroom is perfect for a little miss.






Whitewashing wood is not a difficult technique to master. The trick is to work out the correct paint to water ratio for your project. Watered down paint is applied and then wiped off before it has time to dry... it's that simple. Once your master the method you can whitewash furniture, panels and even wood floors.



If you're tired of tile walls, wood panelled walls with a whitewash finish look stunning in bathrooms. Just remember to raise the wood slightly, so that it isn't in contact with the floor to prevent moisture being absorbed into the timber.



A wood panel with weathered look and whitewash finish serves as a room divider in this open-plan apartment.



This faux panelled wall is acutally a mural. Amazing. At first glance you wouldn't be able to tell the difference. Not sure I could paint a wall with this amount of detail and would probably prefer to have wallpaper made up - or add genuine panels rather than paint them on.



Whitewashed wood panel walls are so popular that even cement is being shuttered and poured to look like wood.