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Quick and easy headboards

Make a big style statement in your bedroom without spending a lot of cash by creating a one-of-a-kind headboard. Every room needs a focal point, and since your bed is the biggest piece of furniture in that room, why not show it off?




Make your own headboard

Headboards can set you back a pretty penny, but you can whip up an inexpensive, stylish one at a fraction of the cost. Pop in to your local Builders Warehouse or Builders Express and purchase a hollow-core panelled door and use Rust-Oleum Painters Touch spray paint (in a well ventilated room) to paint in your choice of colours.


6-panel hollow door
Rust-Oleum Painters Touch in 2 colours
Masking tape and newspaper
Measuring tape
Keyhole brackets
Drill with screw bit attachment
fischer wall plugs and screws*










1. Use masking tape and newspaper to section of the individual areas for painting. When using spray paint you need to be in a well ventilated room, or preferably outdoors.

2. Spray the inlaid panels of the door blue. Let it dry and use masking tape and newspaper to cover these areas. Paint the rest of the door white and let it dry.

3. Stand and centre the door horizontally on the mattress and lean it against the wall. Mark the top of the door on the wall with a pencil.

4. Drill 2 holes into the wall at 30cm under the top line and 50cm in from each side. Use fischer wall plugs and screws - *the screws need to be long enough to go into the wall but protrude 3-4mm out of the wall.

5. Place the door against the pencil line and push against the protruding screws to mark the back. Position keyhole brackets on this mark, drill a hole and attach to keyhole brackets to the back of the door. Slot the door onto these screws and push down for a snug, tight fit.


Cover your old headboard

Change the look of your room by making a slipcover from a pretty sheet or piece of fabric that complements your bedding. If your current duvet or quilt has a busy pattern, match the slipcover for your headboard to a colour in the background of the print.



Measuring tape
Full-size sheet
Iron on fusible tape
Decorative ribbon


1. Measure the headboard width and add 6cm. Mark this measurement on the sheet and cut it lengthwise.

2. Fold a 12mm hem on the cut side of the sheet and press. Roll fusible tape along the fold and fold the sheet over another 12mm. Iron (on a medium setting) until the tape melts and hem is sealed.

3. Fold the length of the sheet in half. Make a mark 8cm down from this crease on both sides of this sheet. Then make a mark every 20cm on both sides of the sheet. Turn the folded sheet over and repeat on the other half.

4. Cut a 15cm piece of ribbon; fold an end in 5mm, place a small piece of fusible tape under the ribbon hem and iron it to the first mark on the sheet until the tape melts and the ribbon is secured to the sheet. Repeat at each mark.

5. Slip over headboard and tie ribbons together.

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