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Easy plywood or supawood headboard

Make a headboard for any size of bed using a sheet of 18mm plywood or 16mm supawood, with a painted design in the centre. What's nice about this easy headboard is that you can cut the design to any shape you want. You'll find plenty of items in and around the home that can be used as templates, such as side and dinner plates, etc., and you can even put your DIY skills to use by cutting a design in the centre of the headboard.


Mount the headboard onto the wall with keyhole brackets (that sit on the head of an obtruding screw mounted in the wall), or fit a French cleat to mount the headboard. The latter is ideal if you have large skirtings on the wall behind the bed.


Sheet of birch plywood or 16mm supawood*
Keyhole brackets or 32 x 32mm PAR pine to make a French cleat (+ screws)
Cardboard to make a template
Craft knife or sharp scissors
Masking tape
Choice of paint to finish
Drill / Driver + assorted bits
Jigsaw + clean-cut blade
Tape measure and pencil

*Have this cut to the width of the bed and your desired height. You can have all your timber and board cut to size at your local Builders Warehouse.






1. On a piece of cardboard, draw out the shape that you want for your headboard. You only need to draw half the design and then flip this over when you transfer onto the sheet of plywood or supawood.

2. After drawing a design cut this out with a craft knife or sharp scissors.

3. Transfer the cardboard design onto your sheet or plywood or supawood. Complete one half and then flip over the do the same design on the other side.

4. If you plan to paint the headboard in more than one colour, use masking tape to section off individual areas. Do make sure that each coat of paint is completely dry before you apply masking tape.


If using plywood, apply wood primer before painting the surface.

You can paint the headboard is a single colour, two contrasting colours, or with a metallic or pearl paint. You can even use craft adhesive to cover your new headboard with wallpaper, or spray on adhesive and stick down colourful fabric... the choice is yours!