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Dressing Table Ideas To Choose From For A Bedroom

There aren't many options to choose from when wanting a dressing table in your bedroom, so making your own is a good DIY alternative for a custom dressing table.





Walk through our local home and decor stores and you will find very little options when it comes to a dressing table for the bedroom. It is hard to find anything these days while many of us still want to use a dressing table when doing our hair or applying makeup. Has the dressing table become obsolete? I find it hard to believe and that's why I put together a collection of dressing table ideas that you can easily assemble on your own using materials and supplies that you can purchase at any Builders or hardware store.











Since you are going to be making a dressing table on your own, it should be a relatively easy project to do within your skill set. You also need to consider the tools needed for the job at hand. Most DIY projects can be done with the 3 basic tools: drill/driver, jigsaw and sander, but there are other projects that may require special tools such as a pocket-hole jig or biscuit joiner and possibly even a router.

Before you take on the project, inspect the design and figure out for yourself the best way to assemble and make a dressing table using the tools you have.








When looking for ideas for a dressing table you can make for yourself, consider where the dressing table will be placed and how much space is available. You don't want to go ahead and make a dressing table that is too large for the room and will take up valuable floor space. A wall-mounted dressing table that has a couple of shelves for your makeup and accessories should be sufficient and won't intrude that much, even in a small bedroom.


If there is an alcove in the bedroom this is a great place to put a compact wall-mounted dressing table and you can design one to fit into the space. I know that many spec built homes have a wall of built-in cupboards with a small countertop fitted in-between to provide a place to serve as a dressing table. It is easy enough to remove this and add a more practical solution that offers storage space as well. You could even consider mounting shelves above the top of the dressing table to make even more use of the space.


Making a compact dressing table for your bedroom is a simple enough DIY project that revolves around making a box to house a single or pair of drawers. If the box shelf is deep enough - more than 300mm in depth - you can add ball bearing drawer runners to make it easier to open and close the drawers.

Materials to make the dressing table can range from 16mm SupaWood board cut to size and then painted in your choice of colour. Pine or plywood stained and varnished to match existing decor in the bedroom, or you can use a laminated board product that has a finished design to complement the decor in a bedroom. The choice depends on how much you want to spend on the project.








If there is enough floor space to allow for a freestanding dressing table you can select a design that provides enough storage for all your makeup and supplies. Again, consider your skill level before tackling a project you might not be able to complete on your own.


A dressing table similar to the one shown above might look like a difficult project, but I like to break it down into separate pieces before looking at the whole. The main component for the dressing table is the shelving underneath the top. What makes it look difficult is the hinged doors with even more shelf storage. Not that difficult at all. The doors have hinges that allow for opening and closing and let you keep all your clutter of out sight.


Break down the components needed to make up the whole and you will find it easier to work out how to make the dressing table shown below.


What looks like a complicated project is not. You can use the basic tools to cut, assemble and finish a project of this type and end up with a custom dressing table that cannot be store bought and can be finished as you like.

Make it easier on yourself by downloading the free SketchUp 17 drawing program and once you know how to work with the program you can design the dressing table and know exactly what materials need to be cut to size for easy assembly.





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