Make your own DIY Day Bed

Originally intended as a fun element, this DIY Day Bed now offers comfortable seating and a bed when guests stay over.


This beautiful DIY Day Bed was initially designed and made to add a fun element to the large, open plan living space, but has since become a very important and very comfortable item in this converted warehouse that is now a family home.

The design for the Day Bed is super simple: long wooden planks are mounted on simple plank legs of horizontal planks to provide support for the comfortable ready-made futon that serves as seating and a guest bed when needed.

One end of the DIY Day Bed has been extended to allow space for storage | coffee table.

Layer your new DIY Day Bed with assorted cushions and pillows.

To make your own DIY Day Bed, pop into Builders Warehouse or timber merchant and ask for scaffolding planks - or planks 50mm thick x 200mm wide. These are available unfinished and rough-cut, so you will need to sand them, but they look beautiful when stained and waxed.