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Headboard made from door mats!

There are some projects that can surprise you, and this is one of those. A headboard made from door mats is the last thing you would expect, especially one that looks as good as this!




Hard to believe this headboard is made from door mats... But this isn't about finding door mats - it's about looking at things differently.

When you visit a Builders Warehouse store, walk around to acquaint yourself with what's on the shelves. You might be surprised with the uses you can come up with for products. At there are instructions for making your own headboard using mats.










1. Paint the mats with Rust-Oleum 2X spray paint. You can paint them white (satin or gloss) or any of the many stunning colours in the range.

2. Cut a piece of 12mm plywood the size you want your headboard to be. Remember to take the size of the mats into account as well. Two mats side by side make the perfect width for a queen size bed.

3. Paint or stain the plywood to match the colour of the sprayed mats. You can also paint the plywood the same colour as the wall, so it looks as if there is no backing.

4. Attach your mats to the plywood using 5-minute epoxy glue.

5. Trim out the piece to finish things off!