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Block art headboard

Don’t spend a fortune on a new headboard when you can easily transform any bedroom with this simple, affordable and stunning project.



3,6 metre length of pine 300mm wide
Bosch orbital sander
120- and 240-grit sanding pads
Ponal wood glue
Wood filler
Rust-Oleum Painters Touch spray paint in 4 colours
Bosch PSR12 drill/driver
8mm wood drill bit
Tape measure
12 Hilti picture hangers






1. Have the pine cut to blocks of 300 x 300mm – you will need 12 blocks for a feature above a double bed. If you want to have thicker blocks, double the quantity of wood required and glue two blocks together with wood glue.

2. For pine, fill in any holes with wood filler and allow this to dry. Finish sanding with 240-grit. Wipe clean to remove any dust.

3. If you are using supawood, only sand the edges with 240-grit. If you don't sand the edges of supawood before painting, it leaves a very rough surface. As you sand you will notice that the edges become more polished in appearance - this is what you want.

 4. In a well-ventilated area, use Painters Touch to liberally spray the blocks. On supawood, continue to apply the first coat until paint is no longer absorbed into the board.

DIY Tip:
Put individual blocks on a piece of newspaper so that you can spray the front and all the sides in one go.

4. On the back of each block make a pencil mark at 150mm and 20mm down from the top. At this mark use an 8mm wood bit and your drill/driver to drill a hole to a depth of not more than 10mm.

5. To hang onto the wall use a tape measure and pencil to divide the wall into 4 x 3 squares as shown in the image. Mark the centre of each square and measure down 20mm from the drawn line. At this mark hammer in Hilti hangers and hang each

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