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Make a beautiful patchwork headboard

This beautiful patchwork headboard would look fantastic in a guest bedroom or children's bedroom. You can use colourful print or plain fabrics to coordinate the design of the patchwork to fit in with any existing decor - and this patchwork headboard is really simple to make...




I came across this project on Erin has used a selection of green, orange and white fabrics for the patchwork, which perfectly match the colours in her bedroom pillows.








2 sheets 19mm plywood
Table saw, circular saw or jigsaw - or have everything cut to size instore
High density foam
Spray adhesive
1 metre of fabric in four colours/patterns
Staple gun and 8mm staples
Duct tape
Drill/Driver and assorted bits
35mm wood screws
2 Keyhole hangers

Cutting List*

1 1000mm 1500mm 19mm plywood
40 200mm 200mm 19mm plywood

*Modify these measurements for a bed size other than double.











1. Cut [40] pieces of foam to 200 x 200mm. You can also cut the batting to the same size.

2. Cut [40] pieces of fabric to 300 x 300mm.



3. Start with a piece of 200 x 200mm plywood. Use spray adhesive to attach a piece of foam on top of the plywood. The glue stops is from sliding around.



4. Add the batting.







5. Place the three layers face down on a piece of 300 x 300mm fabric that is face down on your work surface


6. Pull the fabric over the edge of the wood and tight on one side and staple the fabric to the wood in the middle of that side

7. Repeat the above for all four sides, making sure not to pull too tightly


8. Pull the fabric up tight - but not too tight - and staple to cloth both corners on one side of the wood. Fold the corners neatly for nice, sharp corners. Repeat this for all remaining corners.



Repeat that process until you have 40 patchwork pieces. Arrange your pieces in the pattern you'd like. I went for a random look. Normally, I go for order and patterns and things being all lined up, but this was an adventure, so random it was!

9. Flip all your pieces face down while maintaining your pattern (I put a sheet down so I was sure they wouldn't get dirty). Line up the pieces carefully (we lined up the wood edges) and tape them together.

10. Place your large piece of plywood over the patchwork pieces and screw them together so that you get a screw in each patchwork piece.



11. On the back of the complete board, drill to attach 2 keyhole hangers for mounting your new patchwork headboard onto the wall. If you prefer not to mount the headboard onto the wall, attach two legs to the base of the complete board. These legs should be slightly lower than the total height of your mattress and base.