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Clever bedroom makeover

I just had to share this bedroom makeover with you. Not only do I think that the back wall gives a lovely dramatic effect, but the cabling from the two hanging bedside lamps has been cleverly camouflaged.





Master of Disguise

In order to mount the two hanging chandeliers at each side of the bed, cabling was run up the wall. To disguise the cabling, it was cleverly painted to match the wall colours, making it almost invisible! The walls are painted in a rich ochre (Prominent Paints S3060-Y10R) and white.


Feature Mirror

For the large focal mirror I'm very pleased with the result. The dark frame of the mirror helps add "weight" to the room, while reflecting the light and providing an important feng shui element in that, I can lay in bed and see the bedroom door through the reflection of the mirror.









The mirror is mounted onto a hollow-core door using No More Nails exterior adhesive, and is then framed with polystyrene moulding - all of which you can purchase at your local Builders Warehouse.


Sunburst Mirror

A sunburst mirror adds a touch of glamour to this eclectic bedroom makeover.

You can use various materials to create your own sunburst mirror:

Cocktail skewers


Lengths of 16-gauge wire

Bamboo stems

Twigs and grasses

Use your imagination!