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Transform furniture with ceiling tiles

Plastic ceiling tiles might look tacky when mounted on a ceiling (!) but they sure do look wonderful when added as accessories to vintage furniture. This two-door armoire / wardrobe was decorated with plastic ceiling tiles painted in silver that add a new dimension to the piece.

This secondhand wardrobe was a bargain buy and while the colour might be a tad too, a coat or two of paint soon transforms the cabinet into a lovely piece. What added even more effect to the cabinet / wardrobe / armoire is the finishing touch.





I have never warmed up to the idea of plastic ceiling tiles - they are just too.... well, plastic! But with three coats of Plascon Metallic paint (or two coats of Rust-Oleum Universal spray paint in titanium silver) the really do look good. Now, the next time I'm shopping at Builders Warehouse I will be on the lookout for plastic ceiling tiles!