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Make the bed a feature with pine trim

A couple of strips of pine trim from your local Builders and you can create a feature behind the bed without going to all the fuss of adding a headboard.




In this small bedroom there wasn't anywhere else to put the bed other than under a window. You can see what a difference a few pieces of pine trim make to create a feature behind the bed. For contrast you can paint or wallpaper inside the frame for more impact.


Lengths of pine trim

Pattex No More Nails adhesive

Mitre box and mitre saw, or jigsaw or mitre saw

Spirit level

Tape measure and pencil










1. It's important that you use a spirit level before gluing the sections in place. There's nothing more annoying that pieces that aren't straight. If you have a specific shape in mind it's also a good idea to draw this onto the wall to make mounting the pine trim sections easier.



If the trim is to be painted to match the wall, or in a contrasting colour, paint beforehand. You can also do a bit of touch up once it has been glued onto the wall.



2. Measure twice - cut once. If you draw the design onto the wall with a pencil it's easy to take accurate measurements for cutting the sections to length. Use a mitre box and saw, or mitre saw the cut the corners at matching 45-degree angles.



3. Apply a liberal amount of adhesive to the back of the trim sections, so that it has enough tack to stay on the wall on its own. You can wipe away any adhesive that oozes out.



4. Continue adding trim until you are happy with the desired shape.