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Surprisingly easy DIY headboard ideas

Adding a headboard is an easy way to make the bed a feature and add interest at the same time. Here are some of my favourite DIY headboard ideas, most of which anyone with a bit of DIY savvy will be able to make.


Go rustic with weathered wood planks for this simple yet eye-catching headboard. There are many ways to make this headboard, depending on the tools you have at hand. Use a Kreg pockethole jig to join the planks together at the back, or grab your Tork Craft biscuit joiner. If you don't own either of these, screw a batten at the back of the planks to hold all the sections together.

You can arrange the planks either vertically or horizontally, cut them curved or straight, and finish them with antique wax, or stain and seal them in your preferred choice. Woodoc have some great wood tints in the Gel Stains, and you can apply a clear matt (Woodoc 5), velvet (Woodoc 10), or gloss (Woodoc 20) sealer over the top of this.





Add a couple of PAR pine legs to support your new headboard, or use a French Cleat if it is heavy. Alternatively, attach keyhole brackets to the back of the headboard to mount on screws in the wall.

If you prefer a painted finish, consider using Woodoc water-borne sealer in white, chalk paint, or use a whitewashing technique. Chalk paint is easy to make and an inexpensive option, but do bear in mind that to prevent stains a regular application of sealing wax needs to be applied over the top of the paint.

For a more contemporary look, use small slats mounted on upright battens. You will find a variety of PAR pine products at your local Builders store.

For this project you will need a table saw to cut thin strips, as 32 x 32mm is generally the smallest size available and this will not only be too wide, but also an expensive option for a larger bed headboard. A 94mm wide plank can be cut down into 5 sections 18mm wide. Glue the planks onto the front of the frame and screw through the back of the battens to secure the sections together.

Builders stock a range of pine and MDF mouldings that you can use to create a decorative panel above the bed. Make it wider if you want more of a shelf, say for books or decor accessories. A thinner ledge, like the one above, is perfect for hanging an upholstered panel for a comfortable backrest / headboard.

Make a headboard using thin strips of veneer to weave a design. Glue and tack the veneer strips to a frame. You can buy veneer of different wood species at select timber and board suppliers.

And lastly one of my favourites... This pallet headboard is designed not only as a headboard but also to provide plenty of shelving for storage. Even the bedside shelves are built into the headboard.

Very simple to make - use reclaied pallets or PAR pine from your local Builders store to craft this storage headboard.