Hone your sewing skills

Treat yourself to a basic sewing machine and make your own home accessories







With a basic sewing machine and a few practice runs you will soon discover how easy and affordable it is to make your own home decor accessories. From blinds to cushions, slipcovers to upholstery, equipping yourself with the knowledge and tools for simple sewing projects can be oh, so rewarding. If you have been giving thought to learning sewing skills, perhaps this year it's time to put this into action!





This gorgeous guest bedroom has been affordably decorated using a variety of do-it-yourself skills. An upholstered headboard with nailhead trim tops off the bed and creates the perfect focal point, while cushions and Austrian blinds add colour, pattern and texture to the room.









Acquiring the skills to perform a wide scope of do-it-yourself projects is as easy as signing up for a workshop, or investing in the tools you need and discovering how to best use these to your own advantage. Being able to sew your own soft furnishings allows you to choose your own fabric and make items that perfectly complement your interiors, without having to search high and low for the right piece that may come with an exorbitant price tag!



Roman blinds are deceptively easy to make and look stunning. But more importantly, being able to make your own Roman or Austrian blinds allows you the freedom to choose the fabric you want for your blinds and match this with fabric for cushion covers and accessories. Austrian blinds are made in a similar way to Roman blinds, the only difference is that the dowel pocket is smaller, since no dowel is required to give the blind a more structured shape.





But it's not only the freedom to make your own fabric decor accessories, learning how to use a sewing machine and basic sewing skills allow you to branch out in different directions, whether it's making projects for your own home, or providing a service to clientele.





South Africa is limited when it comes to custom soft furnishings. Search the Internet for slipcovers and you will come up shorthanded, yet slipcovers are not difficult to make once you get a grip of the basic process involved. And again, being able to make your own slipcovers allows you to give dated furniture pieces a modern makeover or transform bargain buys into upholstered furniture that complements your home decor style.





As we start a brand new year give some thought to empowering yourself with the skills to perform a variety of craft and DIY projects. Here on Home-Dzine we are all about providing you with as many ideas as we can, as well as tips and tricks to make it easier. When starting out with your sewing projects browse the Internet for sites that offer practical information or tutorials.