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Quick Project: Create A Stunning Feature Headboard Using Art

When you are not satisfied with a plain headboard and would prefer something a little more eye-catching, why not think about using a piece of art?






Adding a headboard to any bed is considered the finishing touch for a bedroom. Not only does a headboard provide a backrest for your layered pillows, but it also demands that the focus of attention is immediately drawn to the bed itself. But not everyone likes the idea of a headboard and there are plenty of alternative ideas for adding a headboard, from using a reclaimed door or using reclaimed wood to make a headboard, to hanging wall art such as macramé, weaving or tapestries as a headboard.

Another trend that has come to the fore for adding a feature to the bed as an alternative to a headboard, is to hang a beautiful piece of art directly above the head of the bed.

Using a piece of art as a headboard lets you choose the perfect size and shape for the headboard as well as incorporate colours in the art that complement with colours already used in decorating the room. Or you can opt for contrasting colours that will provide a bold splash of colour and attract immediate attention.











There are a couple of options to consider if you like the idea of installing a piece of art as a headboard:







Home decor stores usually shop a selection of canvas prints and art that is on-trend and finished in seasonal colours that might just be what you are looking for.


1. Shop around at art stores and galleries

Browse art galleries in your area to see what local artists are producing. Not all artwork is out of reach and you will often come across pieces of art by new artists that are well within your price range. The trick is to shop around and look at what different art shops have to offer and at what price range. I have purchased several artworks for my home and they have come in at well below what I expected for the cost.


2. Create your own work of art

Start off creating your own art by making a canvas frame as I have previously shared with you on Home-Dzine. If you don't want to go to the trouble of making a canvas frame, you can paint directly onto Masonite, hardboard or thin SupaWood. Just keep in mind that most stores only sell these products by the sheet, which is large and can work out expensive in the long run.

Making your own canvas frame is the most affordable way to go and, once you have made the frame, you can search the web for ideas and inspiration of what to paint onto the canvas. Not being a trained artist and not having much in the way of technique, your easiest choice would be to look at abstract art, or art that can be done easily at home, such as pouring paint and cell painting. For both these techniques, there are hundreds of videos out there that will take you step-by-step through the process of creating your own work of art.







If painting your own work of art is definitely not your forte, there's always a choice to use wallpaper or fabric.






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