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Paint Pouring Challenge for Cell Art

There is a challenge across the Internet that is for paint pouring to make your own cell art, but before you rush out and spend a fortune on craft supplies... watch these videos.


There is a craze for acrylic painting using the Dutch Pour or pouring method that is going mad on the Internet at the moment. Having seen quite a few of these projects, it is definitely something I want to try. In many of the projects they use Floetrol or Liquitex pouring medium and silicone to achieve the 'cell' effect, and both of these products are hard to find and very pricey.



Luckily, I also stumbled across a couple of videos where you can achieve the same 'cell' effect using dollar store (affordable) paint supplies and lubricant.

Having watched the videos that use more affordable paint supplies, combined with a cheap can of lubricant and PVA craft glue, I'm definitely going to save some money and try it this way before I spend a fortune on the more expensive alternatives. I know that Crazy Store and some craft and hobby suppliers have really affordable prices on craft paint, so why spend more on expensive alternatives when you don't need to use them.



Using the cheaper method also gives you the opportunity to buy a huge selection of acrylic paint colours to make your own custom 'cell' artwork. This morning I popped into Mica at Lifestyle Garden Centre. They have a great selection of craft and hobby supplies and I even managed to buy a bottle of Dala Pouring Medium and acrylic craft paints to get me started on my first pour.

The last video at the bottom of this page shows how you can easily do a professional paint pour - without any expensive materials, and using ordinary craft paints.

If you are interested in trying this paint pour technique, which looks like a lot of fun, check out the videos below to see how it's done - on a budget and without having to buy expensive items. 






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