DIY Shoe Rack

Here's an easy way to make a Shoe Rack using components that you can buy at any Gelmar store.


Using a couple of pull out shoe racks from Gelmar I made a practical shoe organiser for the bottom of my built-in closet.



The chrome-plated steel shoe racks - available at Gelmar - have a width of 450mm and can be fitted inside a closet, or you can make your own box to hold the extendable shoe racks. If you closet is wider than 450mm, use the step-by-step instructions below to construct a box to hold the racks.




2 of 450 x 632mm 16mm SupaWood or plywood - top / bottom

2 of 450 x 600mm 16mm SupaWood or plywood - sides

4 x 45mm cut screws [8]

2 sets of shoe racks

16mm screws [8]


Drill / Driver plus assorted bits

Countersink bit

Hammer and nail punch

Tape measure and pencil











1. The racks need to be attached to the supplied ballbearing drawer runners. Use a hammer and nail punch to secure the racks onto the drawer runners.



BELOW: Assembled shoe rack with drawer runners secured on the sides.

2. On both side panels measure and draw a line at 170mm and 460mm up from the bottom. Also mark at 6.5 and 379.5 from the front edge along the [2] lines to drill 2mm pilot holes for mounting the runners to the sides. Only drill partial pilot holes.



GOOD TO KNOW: Split the drawer runners for mounting onto the side panels. If you don't know how to do this you will find instructions here.

3. Secure the drawer runners to the sides with 16mm screws via the pre-drilled pilot holes. Drilling the pilot holes makes it much easier to drive in the screws at the exact location.



GOOD TO KNOW: Place a 16mm screw at the front and back of each drawer runner.



GOOD TO KNOW: Make sure to install the drawer runners with the opening mechanism at the front of the shoe rack.





BELOW: Side panel with [2] drawer runners attached.

4. Secure the top to the side panels using 45mm screws. Pre-drill 3mm pilot holes and countersink all holes.



5. Secure the base to the side panels using 45mm screws. Pre-drill 3mm pilot holes and countersink all holes.



BELOW: Completed frame for our shoe rack with drawer runners attached to side panels.

BELOW: Close-up of ballbearing drawer runners on side panel.

6. Align the drawer runners on the shoe rack with the runners on the side panels and push in place.

GOOD TO KNOW: If you find the runners a bit stiff, push in hard and then in and out a couple of times until the runners work in and out smoothly.





BELOW: Close up of drawer runner slider.

BELOW: Completed shoe rack with drawer slides in place.

Your shoe organiser is now done. If you prefer to paint the frame, fill all holes with wood filler, sand smooth once dry and then paint over with acrylic paint in your choice of colour.