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Trending... Steel frame beds and headboards

While you may not find these locally, steel frame beds and headboards are a hot, new trend. Grab your welding machine or have a local welder make a unique bed for your bedroom.


Steel is a local commodity that is an affordable material for furniture that is tough an long lasting. With the trend for steel frame beds and headboards popping up in designer homes around the world, this is one trend that even the DIY welding enthusiast can tackle. And for those who don't yet have welding skills, there are plenty of local craftsmen with welding skills that can bring your idea to life. 

Square tube, angle and flat bar, these affordable materials can be used to make a designer bed for your bedroom and we offer plenty of trendy design ideas that you can replicate for your own unique bed and headboard.

Once you have a design in mind, there are still options to customise the bed. Add a steel footboard that matches the headboard.









Be creative with the use of steel materials. Incorporate a combination of square tube and round bar for a truly unique headboard design.

Once your bed design is complete you have several options for finishing. There are companies around the country that do powder coating, or you can pop into your local Builders Warehouse to see the range of satin, gloss and metallic Rust-Oleum spray paints that can be used to add a decorative finish.

While the steel frame bed shown here has thin slats, it is recommended that you fit either a solid BisonBord panel, or substitute the thin slat with 22mm thick pine slats. 





Depending on your skill, or that of the welder you contract to do the job for you, there are decorative accents that can be incorporated into the design.