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Easy technique for nailhead trim on upholstered headboard

Adding nailhead trim using upholstery strips and pins doesn't always come out how you would like it, so instead of applying the strips and pins to the front of your headboard - apply around the edge instead.




Even when you use nailhead upholstery strips you aren't guaranteed a perfectly straight edge, as you can see here. It can be tricky to make sure every holding pin goes in perfectly straight and you can end up with a wobbly trim around your headboard.


Lisa at discovered a simple way to add a nailhead trim to an upholstered headboard - without having to worry about getting the trim perfectly straight.









She folded long strips of fabric, ironed a crease, and then glued the strip to the top and edges of the headboard with fabric glue. This allows you to attach loose nailheads to the top and sides - instead of the front.


Here's a close up of the folded fabric and nailhead trim. I think this option looks nice and neat and actually adds even more detail to the upholstered headboard. You can buy nailhead trim strips and upholstery pins at most fabric stores, or at Gelmar.