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Makeover a guest bedroom

In many home the guest bedroom - or spare bedroom - becomes a dumping ground for leftovers and mismatched furniture, or gets a coat of paint and little else. Why not transform that room into a beautiful retreat that occasional guests or visiting family will enjoy.




Yamini of Green Urban Motifs did just that and she did it in four days on a tight budget!


Yamini wanted the room to have a calm and soothing effect with a bit of eclecticism and still have a boutique hotel feel. The room was painted in shades of pale teal and grey, and the bed dressed in shades of grey with splashes of pale yellow. The frame around the headboard was painted the same colour as the secondhand dresser that would be used in the room, and distressed to tie up all the elements.









You will find instructions on how Yamini made the headboard and painted the dresser further down. The octagonal side table placed besides the bed was a secondhand pick. Yamini loved the bones and the pattern and decided to keep it as is.


The bed lights had to be mounted after the painting was done. I am not a pro at electrical, I can change a bulb so I got help on this one from a friend. The bed lights were on sale and matched the linen on the headboard perfectly! Of course, some touch up to the paintwork was required after installing the lights!


To create the stencil design, Yamini cut out a stencil to apply the design down both sides of the wall. Using masking tape, the stencil was taped to the wall and moved around and restuck.


For a repeat stencil design it helps to mark off and mask the wall before you start, otherwise you get confused and will not know where to work next. Yamini taped the wall to place the stencil perfectly in place within the squares.


Yamini chose a calm grey paint colour for other walls in the room, to go with the blue accent wall. After applying masking tape the remaining walls were painted.







How to make the framed headboard


The easiest way to make a framed headboard is to buy a ready-made canvas and frame with pine. Yamini made the headboard from scratch by constructing a pine frame and then wrapping this with a canvas fabric.


To create the pattern design, yamini used a square glass bottle and craft acrylic for the imperfect square print, and it worked just fine. Take a look around the home and you'll find plenty of items that you could use as a stencil.


The headboard frame was painted in a deep blue-grey, and this was mirrored on the secondhand dresser. The dresser drawers were left unpainted to create a contrast.


"This was so much fun, I cannot wait to get my hands on anther makeover!" said Yamini.