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Guest bed headboard

If your guest bedroom is looking a little lackluster, adding an eye-catching headboard will make all the difference.



Artist's canvas (to size)

Acrylic craft paint, blue and white

Paint tray


Drop cloth

Chalk, a light blue colour preferable

Optional: Pine to add frame around outside

You will find artist's canvas in assorted sizes at local art and craft stores, and all other supplies at your local Builders Warehouse.






1. With the template below as a guide, draw the outline for the mountains onto the canvas with chalk. Now place this onto a drop cloth.

2. Pour white acrylic paint into paint tray and add a touch of blue and mix to make the lighter blue colour. Apply this onto the canvas with a paintbrush.

GOOD TO KNOW: To achieve a drippy, watercolour effect, add a little water to paint and mix.

3. For the next level, add more blue to the white and repeat the process. You can continue to repeat the process, adding more blue, until you are happy with the finished result.

Now your painted headboard is ready to hang.