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Quick Project: Stunning faux finish headboard

This plain panelled headboard get a dramatic new look with a very unique paint technique!





Thin artist's paintbrush
Toilet brush
2 empty buckets
Dark green and sage green paint
Scumble glaze
Dulux gold paint or gold Guider's paste
Clean, lint-free cloths










1. Paint the headboard with the sage green with a paintbrush and leave to dry.

2. Mix together an equal ratio of dark green paint and scumble glaze. Mix the paint around with a brush to thin it out, making it more translucent.

3. Use the pain brush to add paint to the toilet brush or dip the brushes directly in the paint.







4. Paint the wall with the brush. The rough bristles allow you to spread the paint in rough and unpredictable streaks, which gives the wall a distressed quality. Use a clean, soft cloth to gently wipe the streaks for a smoother effect. Let the paint dry overnight.

5. Use a thin paintbrush to apply gold paint to any details or features and then gently rub them with a clean cloth. As an alternative you can use gold Guilder's paste.