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Add Some Colour to a Plain Bedroom

Yellow and blue are two of our favourite country colours and this pretty bedroom has both. The sunny yellow on the dresser pops against the sky blue walls. Pale blue blankets and yellow sheets on the bed round out the look.




Dresser Makeover

Old dressers, with their graceful lines and roomy storage, make perfect candidates for a paint-and-hardware makeover. If you don’t have a great old dresser, here’s your excuse to hit the secondhand and antiques shops. Make sure that your pick features solid construction and all the drawers slide easily.


Wood filler
Prominent Paints Universal undercoat
Prominent UltraGloss in two shades of yellow
Wood or steel knobs
Wood filler


Multi sander, 120- and 180-grit sandpaper










Start off the preparation by removing the old hardware, then fill holes with wood filler and let dry. Next, sand the dresser - first with 120-grit sandpaper to remove any existing paint or varnish, and then with 180-grit - and remove dust using a clean cloth. Now you can apply the undercoat.

The real fun begins when you decide on a paint colour. We chose two shades of sunny yellow - the perfect complement to the blue hues that set a peaceful mood in our bedroom. Using two yellows makes the charming details pop: Use the brighter of your two hues to accent the dividers between the drawers, the narrow edge of the top, and the carved spindles.



Personal touches
Paint isn’t the only way to express your individuality and creativity. Try these ideas on for size.


Pick your favourite pattern and apply the paper to drawer fronts using decoupage medium and finish off with two coats of varnish.


Personalise your piece with a fancy monogram or other great stencil selection. Again, it’s easy and inexpensive.


Dress up your dresser with eye-catching architectural accents such as rosettes or onlays. Made from wood or composite materials, these details can simply be glued on and painted.

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