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Dress up closet doors with fabric, wallpaper or moulding

Closet doors don't have to be plain and boring. You can easily dress up closet doors with fabric, wallpaper or even cut out sections and add moulding and trim.

Melamine closet doors don't add much detail to a bedroom, and yet they can easily be designed to add architectural detail, texture and pattern. Here are some great and reasonably easy ways to add another element to a bedroom or walk-in closet.


Rather than fit melamine (laminated chipboard) doors to your closets or built-in-cupboards, consider using 16mm SupaWood doors and have cut outs made in the doors to install glass or fabric panels. You then have the option to choose fabric that coordinates with your bedroom decor or adds a pop of colour to a plain room.




Fabric and wallpaper applied to flat closet doors is a wonderful way to bring colour and texture to a bedroom. When applying wallpaper you will need to lightly sand down melamine doors before gluing wallpaper onto the surface.

Get the look

The application is similar to the process of decoupage: A layer of ModPodge is applied over the doors and the fabric or paper pressed down - working from the centre outwards to prevent air bubbles from being trapped. A few coats of ModPodge over the top protects the finish and allows for cleaning.

Get the look

Build a panel door using a double layer of 6mm SupaWood and add moulding for cottage style. Mount curtain line at the top and bottom of the open panel section and mount rod pocket curtains (curtains with a pocket at the top and bottom that slides onto the curtain line). To add detail to the open panels use 10mm dowels fitted inside the opening and into a centre support.

For a more modern take on this design, incorporate clean lines.

Don't be afraid to experiment with different fabrics for a luxurious touch (above) or to add pattern and bright colours to closet doors.

Soften the look of closet doors with a patchwork pattern of printed fabrics and finish this off with 3 to 4 coats of ModPodge for a durable finish.