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Best ideas for a lazy susan or turntable storage system

You might only have a large cupboard or hoekie as a pantry, but if there is one essential component that every pantry should have it's a lazy susan or turntable storage system. But not only for a pantry... what about using a lazy susan for storage in a bedroom closet?


A lazy susan or turntable storage system only takes up a corner of space but allows you to easily find items stored in this one corner. Need something that's right at the back... simply rotate the individual turntable and there you have it.

The lazy susan system has been around for ages. I remember having one installed in my very first home, which was a long, long time ago. But it's one of those items you tend to forget about until one day you realise you should have had one installed.





There are plenty of designs on the Internet, and you can choose to go the DIY route or buy components to install a lazy susan or turntable storage system.

Love this idea so much that I am going to add this turntable shoe storage rack as a project for the DIY Divas workshops. This shoe rack is stunning and with the fitted lazy susan bearing on the base - you simply rotate the shoe rack to find the perfect pair of shoes! The design itself is fairly simple and the materials to make this shoe storage turntable would cost around R600 to R800, depending on how high you want to make it.

The secret to any rotating turntable is a lazy susan bearing. This 2-part bearing system is mounted by connecting the lower section to a solid surface and the upper part to the section to be rotated.