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Quick Project: Dramatic bedroom makeover

This feature shows just how easy it is to give a plain bedroom a stunning transformation on a limited budget, and with just a little DIY expertise!


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Make the headboard

1. Cut 2 pieces of 9mm Supawood (MDF) as the backing and blocks for the headboard to the width and height required. Cut out a half-circle in the top centre of both boards.

2. Divide one board into equal squares - see picture right.

3. Have low- or medium density foam - approximately 30mm thick - cut to the size of each square. You will need to cut out the rounded curves yourself. You can use an electric carving knife or polystyrene cutter for this.

4. Cut out individual squares of fabric, allowing sufficient fabric to fold over the foam and sides and be fastened to the back of each square of board.

5. Place the fabric face down on a flat surface, position a piece of foam squarely in the centre of the fabric, and put a Supawood square board on top. Starting at one side gently pull the fabric and staple to the back of the board. Do the same with the opposite side, remembering to pull fairly tight. Do not staple right up to the corners as you will do these last. Repeat this process for the other two sides. For neat corners fold the two sides up and over towards the corner and staple to the back.

6. Use a spot of Prestik on the squares to affix to the backing board. Drill pilot holes in the back of the backing board and use wood screws to attach the squares to the board.