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How to Upholster a Bed

You can make your own upholstered bed. What's great about this upholstered bed is that the frame is made from affordable plywood, but who would know that when it's covered in fabric!




You can upholster almost any type of bed. If it can be taken apart, or if you make your own bed, it can be upholstered and then put back together again. For all you DIY Divas out there... upholstering a bed is just the same as upholstering an ottoman.




Medium-weight batting
Lining fabric
Upholstery fabric
Sprayable adhesive
Staple gun and staples
Sewing accessories for finishing off











Because every bed will be different, be sure to measure up before you buy your batting, lining and upholstery fabric.



Cut your batting and fabrics

You need to cut the batting, lining and upholstery fabric so that it is slightly longer and wider than the side, headboard or footboard. Have enough width to be able to fold the three layers over and under the sides and headboard, and be able to completely cover the footboard.

Starting on the sides, place the batting with spray adhesive and then cover with lining.



Stapling into place

Make sure the batting, lining and fabric fits nicely over and under the sides and then staple neatly into place. You don't need to use millions and millions of staples. A gap of about 6 to 8 cms between each staple is enough.

I always prefer to start my projects in the centre and work out to the sides, smoothing the fabric as I work.



Coping with corners

Take the lining around the corner and staple on the inside of the top and bottom frame sections. You don't need to run batting around the corner, as you will be adding batting to the adjacent side. Tease the batting at the ends to smooth it out and reduce the bulkiness. Now staple the fabric in place.



Finishing the bottom

Repeat the process that you did on the sides for the top and bottom sections, adding batting and lining. Again, go around the corner with the lining fabric and staple to the inside from of the side sections.



Finish off by covering the top and bottom sections with fabric, taking the fabric around the corner before folding under a hem and stapling to attach to the inside of the bed frame. You can close up the folded seam by hand sewing in a matching thread.