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Easy DIY headboard ideas

Grab your power tools and be inspired by our collection of easy DIY headboard ideas. From reclaimed wood to colourful patterned swags you're sure to find an idea that fits in with your bedroom decor.

If you like the beauty and texture of wood, we found quite a few ways to use reclaimed or bought pine that can be used to make a feature headboard for any bed. There are plenty of tips and tricks for staining, painting or sealing a timber headboard in our Decorating Section, or use a few of our tips for making new wood look like vintage pieces.





For a headboard that offers an eye-catching feature in a bedroom - think out of the box. There are plenty of ways to add a unique touch to any bedroom using easily available materials, whether it be a pine frame with colourful strands, or a shelf trimmed with pretty fairy lights.

Fabric and rails is another simple and affordable way to dress up a bed. Whether you use pine dowels and finials, or buy a ready made curtain rod, you can drape a colourful patterned piece of fabric, a scarf, or a treasured memory of faraway places.



Making an upholstered headboard is not as difficult as you may think. Nowadays there are plenty of projects that take you step-by-step through making an upholstered headboard. Or think about attending a workshop and make your own headboard.

Put on your thinking cap and decide what style of headboard you want to finish off a bed. Consider items that you may already have that can be used to create a feature above or behind the bed.