How to make an upholstered storage bench

Every week on easy DIY they post new knock-off DIY furniture projects that you can do. This week's project shows how you can make a bedroom storage bench with two drawers. I think this is a great project and perfect if you need a place to store bed linens, blankets or extra clothes.



1 of 350 x 1300mm 16mm supawood – base

2 of 350 x 380mm 16mm supawood – sides

4 of 32 x 32 x 400mm PAR pine – legs

1 of 70 x 1300mm 16mm supawood – front panel

1 of 54 x 150mm 16mm supawood – back base support

1 of 54 x 334mm 16mm supawood – centre base support

4 of 312 x 638mm 16mm supawood – drawer front / back

4 ox 312 x 334mm 16mm supawood – drawer sides

2 of 334 x 606mm 16mm supawood - drawer base

1 of 444 x 1364mm 16mm supawood – top

4 x 45mm cut screws

120-, 180- and 240-grit sandpaper

4 knobs

Drill / Driver + assorted bits

Countersink bit


Find everything you need for this project at your local Builders Warehouse.


Note: All sections are joined by pre-drilling 3mm countersunk pilot holes.

Before assembly draw out your design onto the side sections and front panel so that you can cut this out with a jigsaw and sand smooth.

1. On both the front and back of the side sections measure up 50mm. Mount the base by drilling through the sides and into the base to secure.

2. The 32 x 32mm PAR pine legs are mounted flush at the top and inside edge. Secure with two screws at the top and bottom of each leg into the front and back edge of the sides. If you have a pockethole jig you can attach the side sections to the leg. You also have the option of using a biscuit joiner or dowels.

3. To attach the top secure  by driving screws through the top into the legs.

4. The front panel is screwed to the edge of the base. Use 4 screws spaced along the length.

5. To mount the upright divider, on the underside of the top and both sides of the base measure in 642mm from both ends and mark. You can use this as a guide to mount the centre upright. Drill through the top and bottom to secure.

6. The base supports prevent any bowing due to the length and weight of the unit. First, attach the back support by driving screws through the top and then secure the centre base support by screwing through the front and back supports.

7. The drawers are easy to assemble: place the side sections between the front and back and screw through the front/back into the side edges. Insert the base and secure with two screws through the sides, front and back.

Fill all screw holes with wood filler and sand smooth with 180-grit sandpaper once dry. Sand all cut edges with 180- or 240-grit sandpaper to smooth before painting. Add your choice of knobs or handles to the drawers after painting. If you're are looking to match the colour to the design shown above, take a look at Plascon Wonder Lake [B2-A1-3] or Blue Bottle Blue [B2-A1-4]. Make an upholstered cushion to add to your storage bench.