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Glam vanity ideas

Whether your daily routine is a couple of swipes with a mascara brush - or a full on makeover, you're going to need a vanity. Unfortunately, the variety of vanities for sale is depressing, so you might want to grab your tools and make one!


A vanity in the bedroom needs to be organised, with plenty of storage space for all your beauty products and drawers for stuff that you don't want out on display.

There are some gorgeous vanity ideas out there for anyone with a bit of DIY savvy, there are also a few select companies that make desks that can be used as a vanity. Doing research for this article brought up some great vanity ideas that you can design and make yourself using materials readily available at your local Builders Warehouse.

One vanity design that has been popping up quite a lot are the ones shown above and below. This design incorporates a trendy desk, some basic shelf units and a mirror framed with LED lights.  

ABOVE and BELOW: Take a simple desk and transform it into the perfect makeover vanity for a bedroom or walk-in closet. 

Proper lighting is essential for any vanity. An easy way to make your own lighting strips is to drill holes through a board and push through LED string lights. Pop on some transparent Christmas baubles to finish off. 





A large pull-out drawer is all that's needed to provide easy access to your makeup collection. Use containers to corral and organise lipstick, eye shadow and nail polish.

Extra storage shelves are great if you have lots of stuff.  Shelves can be mounted to walls around the vanity, or freestanding to provide even more storage for an extensive makeup collection.