Handy Headphone Stand

This handy headphone stand is a great place to hang your headphones when they're not in use and it's a quick and easy project.


Quick Project: Easy Coat Hangers for Wall or Rack

These modern coat hangers are ideal for mounting directly onto a wall, or fitted onto a backing board.


Keep the kids occupied with a game of Tic-Tac-Toe

This game of Tic-Tac-Toe is a simple project to set up outdoors in the garden and will keep the kids occupied for hours.


DIY Reclaimed Pallet Garden Lounger

Here's a comfortable twist on the pallet chair - this reclaimed pallet wood lounger is a great place to relax on weekends.


How to make a cover for your generator

With the ever-increasing possibility for load shedding, and an overloaded power grid in my area, I decided to make a cover for my generator to protect it from the elements.

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Easy pine bread bin with display

I love this idea for a bread bin. The designs allows you to see through the front of the door, and has a plexiglass top for displaying your home baked goodies or pastries.


Make a Floating Bathroom Vanity

If you have a compact or cramped bathroom, adding a floating bathroom vanity takes up less space and still offers plenty of storage.


Make an Upholstered Ottoman or Footstool

Having previously featured work by Eudes Oliveira, I had to share this easy upholstered ottoman / footstool that was recently completed.


The easy way to make a Lazy Susan turntable

Every entertainer loves a Lazy Susan turntable, and we show you the easy way to make your own Lazy Susan for any table.


Quick Project: DIY Teepee Cat Bed

Make this wooden teepee cat bed using PAR pine that you can buy at any Builders store.

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Build a traditional rocking horse with a modern touch

What little one wouldn't love their very own rocking horse, and this rocking horse is easy to make.


DIY Garden Chairs with PAR pine

After making this garden chair a couple of years back, I received a lot of enquiries as to a more economical method to make these garden chairs.


Make a set of Comfortable Adirondack Garden Chairs

Adirondack garden chairs are the most comfortable chairs to sit on in the garden and we show you how easy it is to make a set using a Kreg Pocket-Hole Jig.


Modern Weave Stool Design

Make a modern stool using pine or meranti dowels and finish off with a unique seat design woven using nylon twine or sisal rope.


DIY Space Saving Bicycle Rack

Keep your bicycles in good condition and save space in a garage or shed by making this DIY bicycle storage rack.

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Make a Pair of Upholstered Footstools

Add a pair of upholstered footstools to your living spaces for a unique design element, plus they are also great for kid's rooms.


Quick Project

If you need a place to store all your shoes, this easy DIY shoe rack is ideal as a freestanding unit, to fit into a walk-in closet, or inside a built-in cupboard.


Shoe Rack for Entrance Hall

Very few SA homes have what they call a 'mud room' but this shoes rack is perfect for an entrance or next to a back door.


Compact Fold-Down Desk for Child's Bedroom

This drop-leaf or fold-down desk is perfect for a child's bedroom and folds neatly out of the way when not in use.


Quick Tip: Easy Door Joinery

If you plan on making kitchen cabinet doors - or any doors for that matter - here's a great tip to create sturdy joints that are easy to do with a biscuit joiner.



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Handy Tool Storage Stool

This handy tool storage stool is ideal for when you need to do projects in and around the home, and you can fill with any tools you need for the project at hand.


Mobile Fold-Up Workbench

This mobile fold-up workbench is perfect for anyone who doesn't have a designated workshop for all their DIY projects.


Mobile Toy Box

This mobile toy box makes playtime fun and tidying up even easier.


Make or Buy a pair of Trestles

We recently made a pair of trestles for a client and they are easy enough to make your own or we can make a pair for you in any size and stain according to your preference.


Practical Drawer Organiser

Here's a practical way to organise your drawers and keep them organised with an easy to make drawer divider.

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Best Frame to DIY Standing desk

Whether at home or work office, a standing desk is ideal and has great benefits.

Quick Project: Make Hex Shelves

When you have scraps of hardwood left over it seems a waste not to use this and this small project lets you make some modern hex shelves for a wall display.

Faux Panelling for Boring Walls

Add faux panelling to boring walls to introduce a timeless architectural element to a room.


Quick Project: Make a Set of Stackable Toy Boxes

These stackable toy boxes are great for a kid's bedroom or playroom and when not in use they can be stacked neatly on top of each other and put out of the way.


Pine Bedside Cabinet

This pine bedside cabinet is the perfect project for any beginner DIY enthusiast looking to practice their skills, plus there is the option to add dovetail joints.

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Make your own Stylish Wall Clocks

Nowadays, it's so easy to make your own wall clocks using a variety of materials, whether it's wood, concrete or steel.


Make a Balance Board for home workouts

Here's an easy way to make a balance board using plywood for home workouts.


Quick Project: Easy Shoe Rack

Use drumsticks or pine dowels to make this super-easy shoe rack that will add style to any closet or bedroom.


Coffee Table that's also a Workout Bench

When you live in a compact home you need to look at dual-purpose furniture solutions. This coffee table can also be converted into a workout bench when you need a tough workout.


DIY Family Board Game

If your family loves playing board games, this classic German board game is an easy DIY project that you can make in an hour or two.

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Quick Project: Desktop Laptop Stand

You can make this ingenious desktop laptop stand in an hour with a few tools and supplies.


DIY for Pizza Lovers

If you or your family loves pizza, we show you how to craft a personalised pizza serving board.


Top 10 DIY Projects for 2018

If you're new to Home-Dzine you may have missed some of our great DIY projects, so here's a round-up of our favourite Top 10 DIY projects for 2018.


Bed for under R2000

Having a guest for the holidays I had to make a 3/4 pine bed as quickly as possible - and it had to be affordable!


Work at Home whilst in Bed!

I received a big thank you from a reader who was incapacitated and had to work from her bed - and she made our Laptop Stand in order to work from home - whilst in bed!

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Make a Wood Jewellery Box for Mom

This wooden jewellery box is a great project for the budding DIY Kid, and with a little help you can build this beautiful wood jewellery box for your mom.


Make an Interlocking Shelf Unit

This pine or bamboo interlocking shelf unit is ideal for storage in a child's bedroom or in a den or family room.


Stylish DIY planter

Making this modern planter is easy using PAR pine that you can buy at any Builders Warehouse - have it cut to size of easy assembly.


Make a DIY Modern Chair

This modern chair can be used indoors or outdoors and is made using 67 x 67mm PAR pine, which makes it affordable and easy.


Gift Idea: PAR Pine Wine Display Case

Perfect for displaying your favourite wines, this clever display case is designed as a 'floating' wine case that shows off your wine collection.

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Make a wall-mounted Pegboard

This wall-mounted pegboard is simple to assemble and can be used for storage or to display accessories.


Make a Ping Pong Table

This DIY ping pong table is a great way to keep the kids occupied during the school holidays and over the festive season.


Practical Shelf Unit or Room Divider

This easy to assemble shelf unit can also double as a room divider, and you can choose your own finished look.


DIY Corner Reading Nook with fitted Light

This corner reading nook is easy to make and ideal for setting up a reading corner in any room in a home, and perfect for a child's bedroom.


Make a Hair drying Station

This hair drying station incorporates the Gelmar chrome plated hairdryer holder and can be mounted anywhere.

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Quick Project: Make a decorative step-shelf

This decorative step-shelf is perfect for creating a colourful display on a patio or deck, or to add curb appeal to your front entrance.


Make a practical cooler box

Make a versatile cooler box that's not just a cooler box. It's portable and you can even sit on it!


Make a Server for your Dining Room

Using a simple basic box frame design, this server or sideboard is perfect for a dining room, or you can even use it in a bedroom or living room.


Make a games table

When the weather is wet and you're looking for some fun - this games table will entertain the entire family.


DIY laundry drying rack

This wall-mounted laundry rack is a great project to make for days when it's too cold, too windy or too wet to hang your washing outdoors.

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How to... Built-In Closets or Wardrobes

The idea for this project is to show how easy - and affordable - it is to build your own built-in cupboards or wardrobes.

DIY adjustable Veggie Rack

I have seen quite a few designs for DIY veggie racks around, but this one differs in that the design allows you to tilt the racks for easy access.


A cabinet for your record player

Many people are rediscovering the joy of playing your vinyl's, so this Record Player Cabinet will provide plenty of storage and allow you to show off your collection!


Make a simple sofa

This padded sofa is easy to make and perfect if you need extra seating in a family room or den, in a kid's bedroom, or for your very first apartment.


Easy Bench

I made a simple stool bench that was painted in Venetian Yellow with a decorative stencil design.

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How to make a stacked bookshelf

This stacked bookshelf or display unit is easy to make using laminated and PAR pine that you can buy at your nearest Builders Warehouse.


Easy bathroom shelf with towel rail

Every bathroom needs storage . This wall-mounted bathroom shelf is the perfect addition with two shelves and a towel rail.


How To Build DIY TV Lift With Rotation

In this article we would like to tell you about how to build progressive TV lifts yourself.


TV Unit with wood slice finish

It's easy to make a basic TV unit and then finish it off with a wood slice veneer. Using 4mm thick wood slices you can create a one-of-a-kind piece for your home at a fraction of what it would cost to buy.


Make a farmhouse table - any size

In this project we show you how to make a farmhouse table - for indoors or outdoors - that can be modified to seat as many people as required.

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Quick Project: Indoor or Outdoor Seating Bench

This indoor seating bench is easy to make and should take around an hour to knock up. It's perfect for an entrance or hallway, for a children's bedroom, or for a den / family room.


Easy wood planter for home or patio

Make this easy wood planter as a decorative touch for your patio or home and design it to fit a galvanised tub - new or old!


Wall mounted baby changing station

In a small nursery this wall mounted baby changing station takes up very little space and it has plenty of room for baby accessories.


Make a floating bed

In this step-by-step tutorial we'll show you how to make a hanging bed that's great for a patio, den, or just a place to drift off to sleep.


DIY Chest of Drawers finished with chalk paint

We show you how to make a chest of drawers at a fraction of what is costs to buy new, and finish with Rust-Oleum Chalked paint and gorgeous crystal handles.

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Dust hood for mitre saw

When you use a mitre saw on a regular basis you know it makes a lot of mess, which is why this dust hood is an excellent idea.

How to bend plywood

In this article we show you how to bend plywood to make a simple desk for a young child.


Make your own Cheese and Wine Bar

Make this cheese and wine bar using PAR pine and show off your DIY skills at your next party or special occasion.


Make a Floating Shelf

Make a simple, elegant floating wall shelf using PAR pine that you will find at your local Builders store.


DIY Shoe Organizer

Here's an easy way to make a Shoe Rack using chrome-plated steel extendable shoe racks.

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Build a dog kennel

In this project we show you how to make a basic dog kennel that will keep your pet warm and dry during winter.


DIY Pine Knick Knack Shelf

Make this pine knick knack shelf to fill up a blank wall and be an interesting feature.


Chunky Pine Floating Shelves

If you need extra shelves for storage, these chunky pine floating shelves are easy to make and easy to install.


Build a basic children's bed

Here's an easy children's bed you can make in a day - in fact you can make two beds in a day! Made using PAR pine and then painted, these basic beds are easy enough to make.


Quick Project: Above-toilet shelf unit

An above-toilet shelf unit is a great way to add extra storage to a small or cramped bathroom.

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Make Bar Stools

These bar stools - with their curved top - are easy to make and you will find all the timber you need at your local Builders Warehouse or timber merchant.


Reclaimed pallet coffee table with lift-top lid

Using reclaimed pallet wood to make this coffee table with lift-top is a great way to save money. Not only are pallets cheap, they're also a great way to give new life to wood.


DIY Occasional Table

Make a pine occasional table that also serves as a compact coffee or side table.


Which drill to buy

The cordless drill has become an essential tool for every DIY enthusiast and there are a number of different models available. We look at the different types of cordless and corded drill, to help you decide which is the best one for you.


Hanging table for a balcony

This handy table is perfect for a small balcony. The triangular shape allows it to fit into any corner and you can secure to existing railings or fasten to a balcony wall.

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DIY Resolutions for 2018

'Tis the season to be making resolutions for changes we want to make in our lives and we look at how becoming more involved in DIY can bring about many positive changes.


Make a secret Picture Frame / Key Hanger

Using a picture frame as the basic design, we created a hidden key holder. Frame your favourite photos, or an image, while keeping keys in a safe place.


DIY Compact Coffee Table

This compact coffee table is also a magazine rack and it takes up very little space, making it ideal for a small apartment or townhouse.


Quick and easy Tool Caddy

This handy Tool Caddy is quick and easy to make if you have a pneumatic nail gun - or use a hammer and panel pins to assemble.


DIY Industrial Style Shelf

Here's an easy way to make an industrial style shelf without using steel or welding. This easy project shows how to make an industrial style shelf using wood.

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DIY Shadowbox Storage Shelves

These shadowbox storage shelves are made using pine plywood and you can make as many as you like to fill a blank spot on a wall.


Make a Biltong Dryer

A Biltong Dryer is a great gift to give, especially for the man who has everything. This one is easy to make and won't cost a fortune and works out much cheaper than a bought biltong dryer - plus, it's made with love!


Mobile Clothes Rail

For all your clothes, making your own mobile hanging rail is a great way to add extra storage to your bedroom, especially when renting a home.


Weekend DIY projects

If you want to do something different on a weekend, pop into your local Builders Warehouse to gather your materials and supplies and get started on a weekend DIY project.


Pallet wood or pine headboard

Make a simple, stylish headboard with pallet wood or pine. Modify the length to make a headboard to fit any size bed.

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Build a modern nightstand

Use 16mm SupaWood and pine plywood, as well as a Kreg pocket hole jig, to make a modern nightstand for your bedroom.


Kiddies table and stools

A friend recently asked me to make a kiddies table and stool set for her little daughter, after she had seen something locally that was way out of her price range. I was surprised at how easy - and affordable - it was to make.


DIY wooden plant stand

Build this attractive plant stand using pine planks that you can buy at your local Builders. Create an eye-catching display with plant stands in different heights.


DIY faux fireplace

If your living room is lacking detail or you need to add an eye-catching feature, think faux fireplace.


DIY Sofa

Today's modern furniture is more freestyle than it used to be, which means it's easier to make your own sofa and couches using materials readily available at your local Builders Warehouse or timber merchant.

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Make your own DIY Day Bed

Originally intended as a fun element, this DIY Day Bed now offers comfortable seating and a bed when guests stay over.


Bench top tool caddy

This handy tool caddy keeps all your hand tools in one place for a cleaner bench top and organised workshop.


Make and mount a DIY sliding barn door

After featuring an article on where you can buy sliding barn door hardware, I have received numerous enquiries for instructions on how to make a barn door, and how to mount a DIY barn door. Here's how...


Easy to make Garden Furniture

Made of pine, these comfortable chairs are easy to make for a deck or patio, or just for lounging in the garden.


Mini Mees Bedside Cabinet

Just the perfect size for a toddler's bedroom, you can make a Mini Mees mini bedside cabinet and paint it in your choice of Rust-Oleum 2X colour, or use Rust-Oleum Chalked Ultra Matte Paint.

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Modern Rocking Chair

This is not your granny's rocking chair - this rocking chair is a modern take on an old classic and is ideal for a nursery, playroom, or for relaxing in the den.


Make a Mobile Coffee Table

This mobile coffee table has compact storage for a living room. The basic cube design is easy to assemble and you can stain and seal in your choice of wood tint.

Bedroom Storage Wall for Kids

Make your own storage cubbies for essential storage in a child's bedroom or playroom.


Cat Play Stand with Branches

If you're trimming trees and shrubs this winter, keep a few branches on hand to make this cat play stand.


DIY Adjustable Pine Desk Lamp

Using scrap pieces of pine, this handy adjustable desk lamp has a plastic (previously a paint container) lampshade. It's fitted with an LED globe and looks perfect on my desk. You can angle the light in almost any direction - and it won't fall over.

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Make a pine bread bin

Looking for something different for your kitchen? This pine bread bin is easy to make with laminated pine shelving, and you can stain or paint the finished bread bin.


Quick Project: Dog Bowl Holder

This plywood dog bowl holder is a 10-minute project using leftover scraps of 16mm plywood and a saucepan with a broken off handle.


Make a Danish-style Side or Coffee Table

I love Scandinavian design, and these pretty Danish-style tables are easy to make using 16mm pine plywood that you can buy at Builders.


Quick Project: Pine Coat Rack and Shelf

This practical coat rack and shelf is easy to make and you will find everything you need to make it at Builders Warehouse.


Make a pine bedside cabinet

Make this beautiful bedside cabinet with laminated pine shelving from your local Builders. It will only take you a day to complete.

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Workshop Storage Cabinet

This handy storage cabinet is ideal for a workshop or craft room and is made using 16mm SupaWood that you can have cut to size at your local Builders Warehouse.


Make a mobile bar

You can buy a pine workbench at your local Builders and turn it into a Man Cave Mobile Bar in a weekend. We show you how...


Make a circular ottoman

This weekend the DIY Divas demonstrated how to make a circular, upholstered ottoman. Find instructions below to make your own circular ottoman.


DIY Shelf Brackets

Given the total lack of choice when it comes to decorative shelf brackets, making your own DIY shelf brackets is the way to go!


Galvanised pipe garden table

Make your own unique table for the garden using galvanised pipe and pine planks. You can make this galvanised pipe table in a day and save money.

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Bathroom storage bench

Make a storage bench using laminated pine shelving and pine planks that you will find at your nearest Builders. It's easy to make and will only take an hour or so.


Make a small drop-leaf table

It's easy to make this drop-leaf table that you can mount onto a wall. When not in use, fold the support over to lower the top.


Tough stepstool toolbox

Here's a stepstool-cum-toolbox that's built to be tough... tough enough to support a big guy.


Quick Project: Pine bookcase

Use laminated pine shelving to make this wooden bookcase / display shelf. The unit assembles easily and can be taken apart in a jiffy.


Plywood or SupaWood toy box

This versatile toy box is fun to make and fun to use. We show you how to make two different toy boxes - using stain or paint.

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Easy slat bench

This pine slat bench is easy to make and you can finish in your choice of wood tint and paint colour. Buy all your supplies at your nearest Builder store.


Kids play table

This child-sized play and craft table will inspire creativity. Featuring work and storage space and chairs that are just the right size. Use a ready-made top and ad a few angles and gentle curves for style.


DIY trestle console table

Use laminated pine shelving and pine planks to make a Trestle Console Table in a jiffy that will cost around R300!


Make a pedestal table

Here's how to make a pedestal dining table or side table using pine and supawood that you can buy at your local Builders Warehouse. Finishing it off in shades of grey with Prominent Paints Premium Satin Silk.


Laptop or meal tray

I recently had to spend a few days in bed but couldn't be separated from my laptop. The solution... a laptop tray that would allow me to work and also serve as a tray for meals!

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Doggie steps

I have a pair of Dachshunds and one is getting on in age. To help them climb onto the bed I made a set of storage doggie steps.


Wooden lantern for deck or patio

I have been wanting to make a wooden lantern for the garden for ages, especially after seeing the exorbitant prices they ask for ready made wood lanterns.


Baby's first home!

Make an interesting hideaway for baby using materials and supplies readily available at your local Builders.


DIY skills every women should know

We have entered a new age... where women don't have to rely on the man of the house - or their dad - to fix things in and around the house.


Creative Easel

Let your child express their creativity with this easy easel. The easel sits against a wall and has a handy tray for art supplies.

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DIY hanging tables

Hanging tables have become very popular and offer the perfect bedside solution for a small bedroom.


Dog house veggie garden

Here's a way to combine a portable kennel for your dog with a small kitchen herb garden. Wheel it around and place it in the best position - it's totally mobile!


Easy DIY standing shelf

Follow this step-by-step to make a handy standing shelf that you can  use as a coffee table for the living room, nightstand in the bedroom or practical shelf.


Secret shelf

Make a secret shelf to hide small valuables and documents. Once closed, the secret shelf is invisible.

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DIY crate room divider

We show you how to make a simple room divider using wooden crates, and that can be completed in three easy steps in about five hours.


Steel frame table with wood top

After showing different techniques to finish off my steel frame table, I have now finished the table with Woodoc gel stain and sealer and used Rust-Oleum Metallic spray paint on the base.


Make a skateboard rack

Make this skateboard rack for your kids, or it's a great gift idea. We sprayed outs with Rust-Oleum 2X spray paint.


Lamp made using string and wood

This wood and string lamp is fun to make, and you can arrange the string into so many different variations for a lamp that is truly unique.

Simple, practical DIY storage closet

Use SupaWood or SupaLam to make this practical storage closet that can be mounted inside an existing frame or onto a wall.

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Workshops for DIY Kids

This year we are bringing back our DIY Kids workshops. We believe that the next generation should know how to use assorted tools and understand basic techniques, especially when woodwork and craft is no longer offered at schools.

Mobile storage cart

Make a storage cart - any size you want - that can be used for storage underneath a worktop or in an empty space.

Rust-Oleum Chalked tabletop

After making the square tube steel frame [below] for the side table using Connect-it adaptors, here's how I used Rust-Oleum Chalked spray paint to finish off the table top.

Steel frame side or coffee table

Now you can make your own steel furniture using Connect-it, a range of connectors that can be used in conjunction with 25mm and 38mm square steel tube.

Wall mounted bedside table

Pop into your local Builders Warehouse for laminated pine to make this wall mounted bedside light and table combination.

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Pine outdoor storage bench

This outdoor storage bench is perfect for a deck or patio where you need extra storage, seating or a table. It looks great and will hold up well outdoors if properly treated. Lift-off panels allow for easy storage.

Ingenious designer shelf you can make

Using half a sheet of plywood, some pine dowels and knobs, all from your local Builders Warehouse, you can easily make this designer shelf as a DIY project.

Plywood floors becoming a popular trend

Since my original post some years back, plywood floors are definitely trending with those homeowners looking for affordable flooring that offers something unique.

Secret compartment wall shelf

If you have some free time this weekend, here are some ideas for making a quick and easy secret compartment wall shelf for all your small valuables.

Affordable pine and plywood headboard

Make this affordable DIY pine and plywood headboard to fit any size of bed. You can even adjust the height to accommodate for an extra high mattress. Finish in your choice of paint colour or wood tint.

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It's never too late

Next year the DIY Divas celebrate 10 years of DIY workshops and during this time they have empowered close to 8,000 men and women in various aspects of using power tools, woodwork and basic home maintenance.

Quick Project: Wooden spice rack

Some scraps of pine and an hour to space are all you need to make this decorative spice rack for your kitchen.

Make a dollhouse bookcase

Here's how to make a dollhouse bookcase for a little girl's bedroom and that offers plenty of storage space. It's made using 16mm SupaWood that you can buy - and have cut to size - at your local Builders Warehouse.

Wood wall for every man-cave!

For those men who fantasize about their very own mancave - that special space where you can put up superhero posters and figurines of yesteryear, watch some uninterrupted football games - here's a great idea for making a storage wall.

Pullout crates to contain clutter

Here's a clever way to use the storage crates we made to set up a pullout storage system that can be used to store items and contain clutter almost anywhere in a home.

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Easy to make Upholstered Headboard

This upholstered headboard adds a stunning feature to the bed, and yet it's so easy to make. Plus, it's extremely affordable if you shop around for fabric.

Bracelet and bangle hanger

I made this bracelet hanger for all my bangles and bracelets. The design is very simple and I have provided different finishes in a wood tint or using Rust-Oleum 2X spray paint. It's great for a little princess, for your hubby, or for those of you who have a large selection of bangles and bracelets.

Crate storage for bathroom or bedroom

After featuring a project on bathroom storage crates I received numerous requests for instructions on how to make these crates. This article shows how easy it is to make your own crates for a bathroom cabinet, side table or bedside table.

Make a braai cart or prep station

Get a head start on spring projects. Ideal for use indoors or outdoors, this mobile braai cart offers plenty of additional prepping space and ample storage space for braai tools and beverages!

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When to DIY or buy

I'm an avid DIY fanatic who loves to make decor accessories and furniture. But I don't make everything I own - I have come to know my limits and what I can and cannot make on my own. So when do you DIY or buy?

Make your own dining tableĀ 

After seeing the R6000 price tag for a wood dining table, I decided to make my own at a fraction of what it would cost to buy one. The project was actually very easy and only took a weekend.

Easy ways to transform a pine dresserĀ 

Make your own or buy a ready-made chest of drawers, there are so many ways to turn the humble, pine chest of drawers into a spectacular feature piece. 

Quick Project: Corbel shelf

This quick and easy shelf is made using a couple of polystyrene corbels, a scrap of timber or board, and some moulding.

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Father's Day gift idea - bottle holder

Simple in design, you can easily make this Father's Day gift using pine and leather straps - or repurpose an old leather belt.

Paint storage cabinet

Every workshop needs to be organised for maximum efficiency. In this feature we show how to make your own paint storage cabinet.

Upholstered kiddies chair

After making the kiddies table and chairs as a project for Home-Dzine, a friend of mine asked me to make one for her daughter's bedroom. She also requested I upholster the seats.

A wooden coat tree painted to match a bedroom

Use 12mm or 16mm Plywood or SupaWood and colourful paints to make a coat tree to help keep children's bedrooms neat and tidy.

Nail polish carousel

Nail polish usually ends up tossed into the bottom of drawers or crammed into a make up bag. With this Nail Polish Carousel you can have all your colourful bottles within easy reach.

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Wooden play mobile

This simple wooden play mobile won't cost much to make and you can add colourful or interesting shapes, homemade toys or eye-catching items to keep your little one occupied.

Turn a bought door into a fold-down worktable

This fold-down worktable is perfect for the craft or DIY enthusiast who doesn't have a lot of space, such as in a spare bedroom, shed, or garage. When not needed, the worktable folds down flat against the wall.

Make a chest of drawers or storage cabinet

Andrew Harris offers a variety of easy DIY plans for furniture that is reasonably easy to make using pine. We feature a couple of his popular projects that you can knock up without too much fuss.

DIY t-shirt folder

If you're a fan of Big Bang Theory you may have seen Sheldon use this t-shirt folder during the show. It looked simple enough to make, and with a bit of prodding from an avid reader I decided to make one!

DIY mobile kitchen island

This project was designed for EASY DIY magazine and for all you Kreg pockethole jig owners. It's a simple design that is extremely easy to assemble and allows you to add on extra elements if you want to.

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Make a basic solar oven

Making your own solar oven is one way to cut down on electricity usage. Even a basic solar oven can be used to defrost and perform as a slow cooker. Here are instructions for a basic solar oven that won't cost much to make.

Easy floating shelves for a bathroom

Make these simple decorative floating shelves for a bathroom and create an instant feature. You can use the shelves for storage or to add decor accessories.

DIY kiddies table and chairs

Designed to be sturdy, this table and chair set is just perfect for a child's bedroom. Although this set is painted white, you can paint in any colour you like using Prominent Paints select sheen or Rust-Oleum 2X colours.

Upholstered ottoman for hair styling accessories

I made an upholstered ottoman as a comfortable stool to fit under my (small) dressing table. The ottoman has a removable tray and can store all my hair drying tools and accessories.

Quick and easy shoe organiser

Don't let shoes cause clutter in a closet. This quick and easy shoe organiser can be modified to any length and is perfect for organising all your shoes.

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Find the treat! Intelligent toy for smart dogs

A creative idea you can make yourself by using Dremel tools is this intelligent toy with a drawer and pull cord. Fill the drawer with a home-baked dog biscuit and you have the perfect, interactive dog toy for your four-legged friend.

Here's a round up of our Top 10 DIY projects for 2015

If you missed some of our projects during 2015, we put together a round up of some of our more popular DIY projects.

Make a reclaimed pine riddling rack

Riddling racks were used for aiding the fermenting process when making champagne. The simple design for a riddling rack makes them ideal as wine racks, and you can easily make your own riddling rack.

DIY Divas workshops for 2016

Get a head start on your DIY skills in 2016 by signing up for a DIY Divas workshop. Workshops for the Randburg venue have been loaded for the new year.

Race car bed

This DIY race car bed is a reasonably simple project that you can make in a couple of days with a few basic power tools.

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Kreg offers 6 handmade gift ideas

This festive season why not give handmade gifts made with love. The Kreg community offers a selection of 6 handmade festive gift ideas.

DIY giant jenga game

I came across quite a few tutorials for this giant jenga game that is so easy to make using pine and then all you need are some friends to let the fun begin!

Educational blocks with chalkboard spray paint

Here's how you can use pine offcuts to craft an educational toy for a young child. These colourful chalkboard blocks can be used in so many ways.

DIY pine bedside table finished with Rust-Oleum Chalked paint

Pop into your local Builders for some PAR pine and make this easy bedside table finished with Rust-Oleum Chalked ultra matte paint.

DIY make a workbench for your mitre saw

This workbench for a mitre saw allows you to cut long lengths with ease and be able to move the saw around should you need to. Buy everything you need at your local Builders and make your own workbench.

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Make a door or window awning

Using your basic welding skills, or asking a friend to do a small welding project for you, allows you to make your own door or window awnings. An awning not only provides welcome shade during the hottest part of the day, but also adds decorative appeal to any home.

Kiddies storage chair

Use PAR pine and MDF to make these kiddies chairs with storage tray. You can paint them any colour using Rust-Oleum 2X spray paint or use wood stain or tinted varnish.

Outdoor table with built-in ice cooler

Here's a great project you can do in a weekend using supplies that you will find at your local Builders. This outdoor table has a built-in ice cooler to keep all your summer refreshments cold on hot, hot days.

Build a cat play stand

I have had quite a few readers ask me for instructions to make a cat play stand, so here it is. This one is made using 16mm particle board that is inexpensive and easy to work with.

How to make a shadow box

You can use a shadow box to display your favourite decor accessories. To make a shadow box all you need are some pieces of pine or board and moulding for the front.

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Make a chest of drawers with heart cut out

This chest of drawers has three spacious drawers and beautiful heart cut outs in the drawer fronts. The entire chest of drawers is painted and distressed to give it a vintage effect.

DIY shelf ideas

Shelves are an excellent way to add more storage to any room in a home, plus you can make up shelves that match your existing style of decor.

Trendy DIY box sofa

When a new baby arrives, a glass and steel coffee table is not exactly a child-friendly option. Here's how to make a tufted ottoman table to fill the space.

Tufted ottoman replaces glass coffee table

When a new baby arrives, a glass and steel coffee table is not exactly a child-friendly option. Here's how to make a tufted ottoman table to fill the space.

Heart mirror for little girl's bedroom

This adorable heart-shaped mirror with storage shelf is easy enough to make and you can use Rust-Oleum 2X spray paint to finish in your choice of colour.

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DIY chest of drawers with variety of finishes

Ikea furniture is popular around the globe for its affordability and practical designs but it never really took on locally because here in SA we are not very fond of flatpack furniture. Here's how to make a Malm-style dresser or chest of drawers that is sturdy and functional and you can finish it to match your home decor.

How to make a tub chair and upholster in your own fabric

In this project you will find instructions to make a tub chair and upholster in your choice of fabric.

Make a tub chair, upholster and make a slipcover

One of my favourite and most comfortable chairs is a tub chair. These days a tub chair can cost anywhere from R1500 upwards, but you can make your own for a fraction of the cost. I don't care if they are trendy are not... they are comfortable and if you can upholster or make a slipcover in your choice of fabric.

Add detail to an interior door

Plywood or MDF strips applied to interior doors add a new level of detail to plain hollow core doors.

Quick and easy footstool

I have been needing a footstool in the family room for quite a while and finally got around to making a quick and easy footstool.

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DIY self-supporting bicycle stand

This self-supporting bicycle stand is extremely easy to make and you can make out of scrap wood, or pop into your local Builders for PAR pine to make the bike stand.

How to make underbed storage drawers

If you need extra storage in a bedroom, making underbed storage drawers with caster wheels allows you to pack away bed linen, winter blankets, clothes, shoes, or use as storage for children's toys to free up space and contain clutter in a bedroom.

Chunky floating shelf

There are many ways to make your own chunky floating shelves and here is a collection of the best and easiest ideas for chunky floating shelves.

Bathroom shelf and towel rail

This practical bathroom shelf and towel rail is made using Meranti, but you can substitute with pine or board to match your bathroom decor.

Easy peg hanging rack

Use a piece of pine, plywood or MDF, a 25mm dowel and some Rust-Oleum 2X UltraCover spray paint to make this dowel hanging rack.

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DIY Drop-leaf table

I have received plenty of requests on how to make a drop-leaf table and most of the instructions you find are extremely complex. This DIY round drop-leaf table is easy enough for anyone to make.

Pine coasters

I came across this project on BHG and it's a great way to put offcuts to good use. I often have leftover pieces of 69 x 69mm PAR pine and you don't need much to make these pine block coasters.

Rocket or spaceship bed

This rocket / spaceship bed was made for a little boy who loves anything to do with space and I thought it might be nice to show you how easy it was to make the bed.

Makeover pine furniture

Pine furniture is reasonably affordable but doesn't add much in the way of style. We show you how to makeover plain pine furniture into more attractive pieces.

How to disguise or hide a litter box

A litter box can be an eye-sore, even if you empty it as often as possible. Here are some ideas on how to disguise or hide a litter tray that your cat will enjoy - and you will find practical and useful.

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DIY desk with clean lines and desktop storage cubby

Here is a desk that you can make that has storage shelves on the sides, and a storage cubby in the top for books or files - to keep the desktop clutter free and neat.

Easy wine rack, bookshelf or display unit

I noticed this project on Popular Woodworking and while it's a very simple woodworking projects, the finished result is great. You can use the modular unit as a wine rack, as a free-standing or wall-mounted bookshelf, for storage or as a display shelf.

DIY approach to knockdown furniture

As our natural resources become increasingly scarce, we need to look at alternative ways to make use of less. Using less is just as beautiful, as can be seen with the Knockdown range from Louie Rigano.

Heart design clothes rail

This adorable clothing rail with heart cut outs would add a finishing touch to any little girl's bedroom and is the perfect accessory if you daughter loves to play dress-up.

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Modular cube desk for child's bedroom

This modular cube desk is perfect for a child's bedroom - boy or girl. Stack up the storage cubes, fit doors or shelves and finish off with a cube seal with extra storage. 

Garden love seat

This slatted garden bench makes the perfect love seat for a garden. It's very easy to make and finished with Woodoc 25W water-borne sealer.

Variation on the 3-in-1 table

When you need to work late at night, which many of us often do, having a portable laptop stand makes it comfortable to work in bed. This is a variation of the 3-in1 table made earlier this year.

Rustic pine or reclaimed wood bookshelf

Make this rustic pine or reclaimed wood bookshelf to the size shown in this project, or adjust the length to fit into a specific space.

Practical desk for child or teen bedroom

This trendy desk is made using 16mm MDF from your local Builders and painted with a Bosch PFS spray gun. The modern design blends will most bedroom styles and it offers storage drawers for school supplies or stationery.

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Baby steps... wooden stools for toddlers and tots

These baby step stools are fun to make and small children can use then as seats or as a step stool. Small children have difficulty reaching a sink, or climbing on a toilet and these sturdy baby step stools make it easier.

Make a wooden photo frame

Use PAR pine and pine moulding to make a wooden picture or photo frame that can be stained or painted to match your existing decor.

Bedside cabinet with tongue and groove

Pine tongue and groove is inexpensive and allows you to make affordable projects with timber that are rustic and practical. This bedside cabinet is easy to make and won't cost you a fortune at around R450 for the materials.

Armchair tray with book or magazine storage

After posting this armchair tray for drinks, books or magazines or facebook, readers requested that I post a step-by-step for this quick and easy project, so here it is...

Vertical planter

Make this vertical planter using blocks of reclaimed wood, threaded rods and nuts, and some recycled food jars or mason jars.

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