Make a Beautiful Canopy for your Bed

Adding a beautiful canopy over the bed will create a beautiful statement in any bedroom.



This beautiful bed canopy will transform any bed into an eye-catching statement. Choose a patterned fabric that ties in with the style of your bedroom and then add a colourful plain trim. The canopy is mounted above the bed and fastened to the wall and ceiling beam.



5 metres of patterned fabric

4.5 metres of plain fabric

Wall anchors and screws

2 of 22 x 50mm furring strip, cut to 1524mm


Bosch Tacker or heavy-duty staple gun

Drill/Driver plus assorted bits

Tape measure







1. Make use the canopy panel as illustrated above with plain fabric strips down the outer edges of the patterned centre. Ensure that the patterned fabric faces front on the front panel, so it will face in the right direction.

2. Iron all the seams and fabric before hanging.



3. The fabric canopy is attached to the wall and ceiling using the furring strips. Cover these with fabric to match the canopy so they will be less visible. We wrapped them in the same plain and patterned fabric as used for our canopy. Secure the fabric to the furring strips with staples along the back edge.







4. Decide where to position the canopy behind and above the bed. Make sure it is centrally placed and secure to the wall with wall plugs and screws.



5. Mount the other end of the canopy to the ceiling beams with screws, leaving about 450mm to hang down at the front. For this bed canopy, the canopy extends 900mm from the wall before hanging down at the front. 


adapted from ballard designs





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