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Quick Project: Simple Vanity or Dressing Table

An alcove is perfect for mounting a vanity or dressing table, where space is limited. And this project is so easy, even a beginner DIY-er could do in a day!




The finished vanity. Once the top is installed you can easily mount a thin chrome rod or curtain pole to hang curtains for nicely concealed accessories.











1. Use a tape measure to measure from side to side and front to back. Bear in mind that most of the time the walls will not be straight and it is best to use the smallest measurement. Any gaps will be concealed later on (below).

2. Determine the height for your vanity top. The height will depend on what you are going to be sitting on. If you are using a small stool, place this where it will go and use the tape measure to work out a suitable height that will be comfortable for you.



A pine batten is mounted on the wall using wall plugs & screws to create a support for the top.

The vanity top is screwed to the batten support and finished off around the inside top with quarter-rounds.



3. For lamps or electrical accessories that will be permanently on top of the vanity, use a drill bit to drill holes to accept electrical cords. If plugs cannot be removed to pull cords through the drilled holes, leave a gap at one corner where all the cable can be pulled through.