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DIY storage option for bed base

Need extra storage in a bedroom? Here's a great idea that you can do yourself - create storage in the base of the bed!







Pine Laminated shelving (cut to size)
- 4 x 800mm x 200mm
- 4 x 664mm x 200mm
Drawer rails
Woodoc 5 Polywax Sealer and stain concentrate (optional)
No. 10 biscuits*
16mm self-tapping screws
30mm chipboard screws
Corner blocks
3mm Masonite cut to size - 2 x 800mm x 700mm
Alcolin wood glue


Bosch drill/driver, 32mm spade bit, 4mm drill bit, spirit level, Stanley knife, tape measure, hammer, Bosch biscuit joiner*











Step 1

Measure and mark out the desired size for the drawer that you would like to slide into your mattress base. Cut open the fabric on the side of the bed to expose the raw wood and to gain access to the base.

Check to see if your bed base will allow the size of drawer you require – if not, you might need to adjust your plans for what you want to store in your bed.


Step 2

Using a biscuit cutter, cut groves in all the ends of the laminated pine shelving that need to be joined. Apply the glue in each hole, insert the biscuit, clamp and then allow time to dry for 2-4 hours.

If you don't have a biscuit joiner, you can just as easily use butt joints to make up the drawers.


Step 3

Remove obstacles from inside and check to see what inner support is needed in order to allow the base to receive and store the drawer. Reinforce as much as possible as you have removed some support. Secure the new inner support to the existing framework with corner blocks and 30mm chipboard screws.

Secure the drawer rail to the drawer as well as to the inner side wall. Use the spirit level when securing this rail as that will ensure the drawer slides smoothly and with ease.

DIY Tip:
Start by cutting a hole that is smaller than the space you have measured for your drawer. It’s easier to cut the hole bigger later – but if you start with a hole that is too big then you’ve got real problems.