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Space saving closet ideas

Most homes have basic built-in cupboards for closet space and many don't have plenty of space, so here are a few space saving ideas for closets.





How to make a strappy-T or vest hanger

Strappy tees are a 'must-have' item for my summer wardrobe. They get stuffed into a drawer and then I rummage through the piles to find one to wear. This leaves my drawers in quite a state, so I decided to make a strappy-T hanger that you can also use for tank tops and vests.

To make the hanger I re-purposed a plastic clothes hanger. Many clothing stores give you these when you buy clothes and they normally end up in the dustbin. Now you can recycle these plastic hangers to organise your closet.

1. Remove any labels. I use Goo Gone to easily peel off sticky labels.

2. Use a 2mm HSS bit to drill holes along the length of the hanger. I plan of adding 7 hooks along the length of the hanger.

Place a block of wood underneath the hanger when you drill.

3. Screw the hooks into the hanger. If you have a Dremel MultiTool and sanding disk / grinding stone accessory you can use this to blunt the end of the cup hooks behind the hanger. They aren't very sharp, so you could always leave these as is.


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