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Quick Project: Add Wallpaper To Bedroom Closet Doors

This quick project of adding wallpaper to bedroom closet doors was just too beautiful to resist!



Large format patterned wallpapers give boring closet doors a big impact.


Using wallpaper to dress up plain white closet doors is an inexpensive and relatively easy way of giving doors a makeover. Just make sure to purchase a washable wallpaper or one that is easy to apply. Wallpaper that is not classed as washable can be given a few coats of sealer to make them washable.

If you would like to try this at home you need to buy either Bostik or Alcolin sprayable adhesive. The sprayable adhesive works on most non-porous surfaces and is easy to remove later on down the line when you want to change the look. When applied only onto one side (closet door),  it is not as permanent as spraying both surfaces (door and back of wallpaper), giving you the freedom to choose a temporary or more permanent finish.







Take a look at a few of the large print wallpaper we found online.


These gorgeous rose wallpaper murals would be perfect for across a row of bedroom closet doors. At 3.5 metres, you can cut the wallpaper mural into panels and glue this onto your closet doors.


Step 1

Roll out the wallpaper mural on a large surface and place face down. Measure the height of the doors and then each door to give you a total width.


Step 2

Transfer the above measurements onto the back of the wallpaper mural. Have a long steel rule or straightedge on hand for drawing accurate lines from the top of the wallpaper to the bottom.


Step 3

Use a sharp craft or utility knife to cut the wallpaper mural into panels.


Step 4

The easiest way to stick the design onto a bedroom closet door is to use a sprayable adhesive. If you only apply the sprayable adhesive onto one side it is not as permanent as spraying both surfaces, so you can decide if you want a temporary finish or one that is more permanent. These washable wallpaper murals are available from


Step 5

When applying the wallpaper onto the door you need to start at the top and line the wallpaper up along the top edge of the closet door while also making sure that it lines up along both side edges. Slowly working your way down, place the palm of your hand in the centre and work towards both sides edges to smooth out any air bubbles that are trapped underneath.


Step 6

If the wallpaper is not classed as washable, apply 3 to 4 coats of ModPodge or a clean acrylic sealer (matt, satin or varnish) to provide protection.








Below is another wonderful large pattern floral print wallpaper, this one from and a lot cheaper than the previous two. The website does not state if the wallpaper is washable or not but you can always apply a few coats of ModPodge or clear acrylic sealer to make it washable.


If you prefer something a bit more dramatic and bold for your bedroom closet doors, this Midnight Design from might be just the thing. Another affordable wallpaper option for you to look at. There are plenty more online suppliers to be found.







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