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Add Detail To Closet Doors

Built-in cupboard and closet doors can be boring, but it's easy to add detail for a more glam look.


Plain, flat closet and built-in cupboard doors are pretty boring. Simply by using strips of board, wood glue and paint, you can transform them into something a little more glamorous and fitting for a bedroom. This project by Jenna Sue Design shows how easy it can be to transform plain doors.


The panels on the doors are created using 3mm thick strips of plywood, but you can just as easily use 3mm thick SupaWood, or even hardboard or Masonite/Evowood. The latter two are available at more Builders Warehouse stores, but you will be better off getting in touch with a local merchant, as you need to have a large sheet cut into 70mm-wide strips. Of course, if you have a table saw you could cut the strips yourself.









It's amazing how something this simple can make such a huge difference. The panelled doors add a level of details that totally transforms the room.


You can apply this method to plain closet doors, boring built-in cupboard doors, or wardrobe doors that need a bit of detail.




Start by having the cut strips 70mm-wide. You will then need to cut the ends to fit the design onto the door. Jenna Sue went with a cottage barn door style that really adds 'wow' factor once completed.


Add the panels for the outside frame and then place the inside components against the edge to mark where to cut.


Cut all the panels and then glue these onto the door. No More Nails adhesive is a good glue to use, or you can use Contact Adhesive. You preferably want a glue that dries reasonably fast.


Once the panels are stuck down, use wood filler to fill any visible gaps. Let this dry and then sand smooth.


Paint the doors with a washable acrylic, using either a paintbrush and foam roller, or using a Bosch PFS spray system. I prefer using the spray system because it's quick and easy and gives a consistently smooth finish without effort.


Allow the paint to dry thoroughly before hanging the doors. Now you're ready to install your choice of handles.


Depending on the panel design, choose a handle that complements this.