Bathroom Shelf and Towel Rack

Super easy to make. this bathroom shelf incorporates a towel rack and provides a stylish storage solution for a bathroom.



Stylish DIY Bath Tray

Take bath relaxation to a new level with this stylish bath tray that ensures everything you need is within easy reach.



Quick Project: Crates for bathroom storage shelves

Repurpose wooden crates into a colourful storage shelves for your bathroom and stack them up to tame bathroom storage.



Quick Project: Box Frame Bathroom Mirror

Make this simple box frame for a bathroom mirror for a small bathroom or guest loo.



Make a Bath Caddy

This bath caddy is just what you need to take time out and relax in the bath with a good book, movie or glass of wine.



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Above-toilet shelf unit

This above-toilet shelf unit is a great way to add extra storage to a small or cramped bathroom, and perfect for a rented home.



Easy Bathroom Shelf

Use plywood and galvanised pipe and fittings to make this easy bathroom storage shelf.



Quirky towel rack

Add a fun element to a family bathroom with this quirky towel hanger made using plastic garden taps.



DIY Shelf Brackets

Given the total lack of choice when it comes to decorative shelf brackets, making your own DIY shelf brackets is the way to go!



Bathroom storage bench

Make a storage bench using laminated pine shelving and pine planks that you will find at your nearest Builders. It's easy to make and will only take an hour or so.



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Vintage mirror wall

Decorating a bathroom wall with vintage mirrors adds instant bling to a plain bathroom. Here's how to create your own mirror wall.



Sugru mouldable glue

Sugru was invented for people looking to repair and improve stuff  - from homeowners planning DIY projects through to people making small improvements to gadgets, appliances and even toys - and is used in over 160 countries.


Desk becomes a bathroom vanity

Here's a bathroom vanity made from a repurposed desk that is surprisingly easy to make. Apply a new coat of paint, cut a hole for the basin, and your bathroom vanity is ready to install.



Easy floating shelves for a bathroom

Make these simple decorative floating shelves for a bathroom and create an instant feature. You can use the shelves for storage or to add decor accessories.



Make a decorative framed mirror for bathroom

It has been some time since I installed the new bathroom vanity and I finally got round to making up the large framed mirror for the wall above the vanity basins.



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His and Hers double vanity bathroom cabinet

It's time for the pedestal sink to make way for a his and hers double vanity bathroom cabinet.



Bathroom shelf and towel rail

This practical bathroom shelf and towel rail is made using Meranti, but you can substitute with pine or board to match your bathroom decor.



Add glass panel to hollow core door

I have done quite a few projects that look at how to dress up a plain hollow core door. I'm going to show you another way to dress up a standard hollow core door by cutting and fitting a frosted glass panel into the door.



An old desk becomes a bathroom vanity

An old desk is re-purposed into an amazing bathroom vanity... and one that can be done easily and without too much fuss.



How to make your own bathroom vanity

You can make a 2-door / 3-drawer bathroom vanity at  fraction of what it would cost to buy. You can use any 16mm board.



Tiered bathroom storage shelf unit

I have seen quite a few tiered bathroom shelf units on the Internet, but this design offers a bit more storage space and allows you to add baskets for extra storage and has plenty of room for towels and bathroom accessories. 



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Restore a claw foot bathtub

If you love the romantic style of a claw foot bathtub and are lucky enough to find one at a salvage yard or online, you will need to restore or paint the bathtub before installation. In this article we provide some tips on painting a rusty claw foot bathtub.



Chest of drawers converts into bathroom vanity

Converting an old chest of drawers or cabinet into a bathroom vanity not only saves you money on buying a new vanity, it's also a way to add a personal touch to a bathroom, or to create a bathroom with unique style and attention to detail.



8 Bathroom vanity designs you can DIY

International designers Sanindusa offer a range of contemporary bathroom furniture that is good looking and an option for anyone with a bit of DIY savvy.



Quick and easy wall shelves

So many rooms have empty space that could be used for storage shelves. Installing shelves is a quick and easy project - one that anyone can do. In this bathroom an alcove does duty as a laundry corner and adding shelves makes so much difference!



DIY decorative tree towel hanger

If you need extra storage in a small bathroom, this towel tree is perfect for hanging towels and the branches can be folded flat when not in use. Everyone in the family can have their own branch!



Upcycle old towels into a bath mat

Although it isn't time for spring cleaning, getting your home sorted for the holidays is a project you will be tackling very soon. With this is mind, gather together old towels... those that are so thin they are more like tissue paper than towels, and turn them into super-soft mats for a bathroom or bedroom.


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Weathered wood towel rack

Make this ladder-style towel rack using PAR pine that you will find at your local Builders Warehouse, and use tea, vinegar and steel wool to give the wood a weathered look.



Make a non-slip cork bathmat

I like using duckboards or wooden bathmats, but I find them slippery when wet. This cork-topped bathmat is easy and affordable to make, and you won't have to worry about slip-sliding around the bathroom!



Add a decorative mirror panel to bathroom door

Adding a mirror panel to your bathroom door not only visually enlarges the space, it also reflects light and adds a decorative effect. Here's how to add a mirror to a door and finish with decorative trim.



Cartoon wallpaper for guest toilet

I have seen old newspapers and sheet music used as wallpaper for walls, but I love this idea for using Far Side calendars as wallpaper. Not only does this add interest to the walls, but your guests will never want to leave!



Make a vintage bathroom vanity

Finding the style of bathroom vanity that you like can be difficult. Most bathroom vanities have no style whatsoever. Making your own bathroom vanity allows you to add unique style and charm and you'll pay substantially less to make one than you would to buy one.



Easy way to frame a mirror

A framed bathroom mirror can easily cost R800 upwards, depending on the frame. But you can easily dress up a mirror with a custom frame made out of pine or SupaWood moulding, and it will only cost you around R200.



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Burlap wall panels for a bathroom

Burlap is an inexpensive fabric and, if used in the right way, can add an earthy texture to a bathroom. It's also very economical when compared to a custom wall treatment, wallpaper or tiles.



Make your own bathroom furniture

I really do need to give my en-suite bathroom a makeover. After 20 years of living in the same house I'm tired and want something new. Here's what I would like to do to - and most of these ideas are definitely do-able DIY projects.



Modular bathroom cabinet

This modular bathroom cabinet is made up of separate cubes that can be added to create the ultimate bathroom storage. Mounted on a sturdy base, you can add cubes with drawers, for shelves, or cubes with doors for cupboard to hide clutter.



Mirror frame with cut branches

Being able to make use of branches from your own garden (or from a friend's garden) means that you can make these framed mirrors for next to nothing - and they look stunning in a bathroom.



Modern Shaker-style bathroom vanity

With its clean lines and large storage capacity this modern Shaker-style cabinet would be perfect in any room in a home. I made this single cabinet and a double cabinet for my dining room.



Make a plush bath mat

Here's how to make a super easy rug that measures 40 x 50cm and is made using T-shirt yarn or a fabric, such as a jersey knit, that coils up easily when stretched. You will also need a square (or any shape) of heavy-weight cotton fabric for the base.



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Frame a bathroom mirror

Framing a bathroom mirror not only protects and hide mirror edges, it also adds decorative interest to both mirror and bathroom. You can choose to frame in white, black or stained wood in your choice of colour.



DIY sliding door for a bathroom

My dressing room and bathroom do not have a bathroom door, and I decided it was time to fit a sliding door to offer more privacy.



DIY shelving ideas for a bathroom

Every bathroom some have shelving of one type or another. In a small bathroom storage contains clutter and keeps the bathroom clean, whereas in a larger bathroom shelving can be used as a decorative feature.



Make a designer shower curtain

Here's how to transform a plain, plastic shower curtain into an attractive shower panel that you can easily co-ordinate to match your bathroom decor.



Toolbox = bathroom storage unit

A few years back when I started DIY Divas, I made up a few of these handy toolboxes as a project for the ladies. They are so quick and easy to make.



Reuse, recycle and restore for a bathroom

As homeowners move towards sustainable design in bathrooms, the trend for reusable, recycled and restored, furniture comes to the fore.



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Stencil on bathroom accessories

Plain white ceramic or acrylic bathroom accessories are not expensive, and you can easily dress these up with stencils and Rust-Oleum 2X spray paints, to add delicate designs that are perfect for a bathroom.



Make a 2-roll toilet holder

I seem to be forever putting new toilet rolls in the guest loo, so I decided that it was out with a single roll holder and in with a toilet roll holder that holds two toilet rolls.



How to whitewash a floor

There's something truly beautiful about a whitewashed wooden floor, especially an older floor that cannot be restored or sanded any more. A whitewashed floor lends itself to an older home, or one decorated in a more relaxed style.



Make a bathroom medicine cabinet

If you need a place to store bathroom essentials, this medicine or bathroom cabinet has about three times as much storage as a typical medicine cabinet. It's also a great project for a woodworking novice, thanks to simple joinery.



Give a guest loo a new look

If you go into redecorating a room with a theme, picture, style, or colour scheme in mind beforehand it will go a lot smoother and most likely turn out just like you could have ever hoped for. Sketch it on paper, get some samples together, or you can just imagine it in your head, like me!


Add a touch of Tuscan to a bathroom

Transform a boring guest loo with a simple paint effect and accessories that provide a rustic, Tuscan style bathroom. Use this paint technique to add a touch of Provence to a bathroom.



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Colourful bathroom storage cubes

Turn MDF into bright cabinets for your bathroom. These cubes are stacked so that they take up the minimum amount of space. Two are left open, and the other two have fitted doors to hide bathroom clutter.



Make a wooden ladder towel rail

Wood adds a warm accent to any room, even clinical tiled bathrooms. This modern towel rail is a great way of introducing a cosy touch, and is designed to match the standard towel size 50 x 100 cm.



Warm up a bathroom

With various designs in distinctive colours and textures, including authentic-looking tile and stone, Belgotex Vinyl provides the beauty of natural flooring with enhanced durability and warmth.



Bathroom storage for a rented home

This project is designed for those living in a rented home, where the Landlord has a fit if you drill into the walls. Our over-toilet storage cabinet will fit easily into any bathroom and, although there are a couple of holes to be drilled you can drill into the grout and easily touch this up when you leave.


Give your toilet seat a quirky makeover

Nina Green - one of our DIY Divas - is always looking for unique ways to dress up and makeover areas of her home. In this project she shows you how to makeover a toilet set - just for a fun accessory in a bathroom!



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Turn a cabinet into a bathroom vanity

It's easy to transform a secondhand find into a stylish bathroom vanity with antique charm. Before you throw something out, think about ways that you could use the piece somewhere else in your home - or ask friends and family if they could use it!



Recycle corks into a stylish bathmat

You don't necessarily have to be a heavy drinker to make this cork bathmat - just ask all your friends to keep their wine bottle corks for you!



Quick fixes for a bathroom

If you've got family and friends visiting over the holidays and your bathroom is in need of a quick and easy pick-me-up, here are some simple and affordable ideas to refresh and perk up the bathroom or guest loo.



Transform an ugly bathroom

Buying a new home sometimes means that you inherit someone else's taste. While the previous owner may have loved her pink shower, you don't have to live with it!



How to make a pebble bath mat

Have you ever kicked off your shoes and waded across a cool, stony creek bed?  It’s memories like these, and my inherent love for nature, that have inspired me to incorporate elements of the outdoors into my home.



How to frame a bathroom mirror

Add instant impact to a bathroom mirror - and your bathroom - by adding a decorative frame to a mirror. You can use this simple framing technique on any wall-mounted mirror.



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Apply mosaic to a bathroom vanity top

Granite is lovely until you find out the price! I have tiled plenty of countertops over last 5 years - kitchen, bathroom - you name it. A couple of sheets of MDF, mosaic tiles and No More Nails and you've got something that looks good for a fraction of the price.



More storage with above-door shelf

In many smaller homes, bathrooms are squeezed into the tiniest space possible. . Installing a shelf above a door in the bathroom to hold towels and toiletries – or in the kitchen for cookbooks or collectibles – is smart and stylish.



Glass-topped vanity for bathroom

Basic do-it-yourself skills and tools are all that are required to make and install your own glass-topped vanity in a bathroom. The simplicity of this design makes it an easy project for even a beginner do-it-yourselfer - and can easily be done in a day.



Add mosaic pebbles to a bathroom wall

This is one project that I am definitely going to try in my own bathroom and will be showing you the results once the task gets underway.



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How to make a bathroom cabinet

This easy bathroom cabinet requires no special tools and can be assembled in two hours tops if you have your PG BisonLam cut to size at your local Builders Warehouse!



Easy way to frame a bathroom mirror

Make a dramatic impact in a bathroom simply by framing the mirror. In this project by Sausha of Show & Tell, 200mm high skirting and dado rail has been used and then painted black to match the existing bathroom cabinets. What a difference!



How to make a bathroom duckboard

A timber duckboard is a terrific solution to the perennial problem of soggy bath mats. An occasional airing and scrub clean are all that are needed.



How to mount bathroom fittings

Transform a dingy bathroom with bright, new accessories. Use our expert tips to assure a smooth installation of a towel rack, soap dish, toilet-paper holder, and handgrip.



Restore an old bathroom mirror

Transform a junk shop find to a treasured possession with a can or two of Rust-Oleum Gloss Enamel spray



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Paint a decorative border on floors

Give a plain bathroom floor a new focus with a painted border. Make a real statement with a wide border, or keep it narrow and subtle for a less dramatic look.



Vintage dresser = bathroom vanity

Inspiration and careful planning transform a vintage or reproduction dresser into a classy bathroom fixture.



Romantic bathroom makeover

A few small changes, some refinished accessories, and a handful of affordable do-it-yourself items are all that you need to transform a boring bathroom into a space to relax and unwind.



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