Wood bathroom shelf and towel rail

This practical bathroom shelf and towel rail is made using Meranti, but you can substitute with pine or board to match your bathroom decor.



2 of 200 x 200mm meranti or pine - sides

1 of 200 x 400mm meranti or pine - back

1 of chrome pipe 19mm dia x 410mm length

Piece of 5mm safety glass 180 x 400mm

4 of #10 biscuits

Wood glue

180-grit sandpaper

4 shelf pins

2 keyhole brackets and 20m screws


20mm MAD bit

Biscuit Joiner

Jigsaw and blade for cutting steel

Drill / Driver plus assorted bits

Quick clamps

Tape measure and pencil


1. Cut your wood to size, or have the pieces cut for you. You can buy pine shelving at your local Builders, but will need to source Meranti or other hardwood species at a timber merchant

2. Mark the chrome pipe at 410mm and use a steel jigsaw blade to cut.

3. Measure and mark 20mm in on the two sides for drilling a hole for the chrome pipe. Use a 20mm MAD bit to drill to a 5mm depth.

A MAD bit is preferable for drilling the hole, as the tip is not as long as a spade bit.

4. For this project I am using a Tork Craft Biscuit Joiner to cut slots in the sides and back of the sections. You can buy this tool online at www.tools4wood.co.za.

5. Visualise how the sections fit together so that you cut the slots in the correct position for joining.

6. Set the cutting depth on the biscuit joiner for the size of biscuits you are using for the project. We used #10 biscuits.

7. Pour wood glue in all the cut slots. Ponal wood glue has a nice runny consistency that is perfect when doing biscuit joints.

8. Pop the biscuits in the one side and join together.

9. Repeat for the other side - inserting the chrome pipe before placing the side section in position and clamping the project to dry overnight.


To hang the shelf unit onto a wall you can add keyhole brackets at the back. Mark the location for the brackets on the back of the sides.

Use a 10mm wood bit to drill out to a 5mm depth.

Screw the brackets in place with 20mm screws.


Measure and draw a line 40mm from the top for the glass shelf. Drill two 5mm deep holes approximately 30mm in from the ends for the shelf pins. Have your glass cut to size at your local Builders and mount the glass shelf on the shelf pins.

Any type of wood will need protection if placed in a bathroom. Take a look at the Woodoc range of interior sealers, or use Woodoc antique wax on a regular basis if you prefer a more natural finish.